Francesco Molinari Wins The Claret Jug

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Congratulations to Francesco Molinari on winning The Open! Image courtesy of

Francesco Molinari is the first Italian to win The Open. How did he do it? With aggressive consistency. I talked about this for the last three days and Molinari showed that shooting steady golf, keeping the ball in play, and hitting it close when needed was the key to success. Because of this, he earned the title of Open Champion! Continue reading

The Low Score at The Open in 2018

I have tried to wrap my mind around what the low score will be at The Open this weekend. It is always fun to muse about how the players will tackle the course. This year, Carnoustie has the potential to see the winner shoot above par. The variables are endless, but analyzing the data is always great fun and the past time of many would-be golfing experts! Continue reading

Predicting The Open Champion

The Open is scheduled to start in three days; regardless if you are die-hard golf fan or not, this Major will capture your attention. Played at the Carnoustie Golf Links in Angus, Scotland, this majestic course last saw Padraig Harrington win in 2007. After a 12 year hiatus, Carnoustie is ready again to show the world why it is a perfect venue for The Open Championship. The challenge of predicting the winner because at approximately 7500 yards and the four toughest closing holes in golf, Carnoustie is a beast that is always ready to pounce on any wayward shot. Continue reading

Last Thoughts Before The Open Championship

By the time many of you read this post, the first round of The Open Championship will be under way. Some of the predictions will have come true and others…..well, lets just say better luck next time.

The predictions of many of the armchair pundits will be the talk of cyberspace, but unfortunately only a few will be proven to have the mental capabilities of the Amazing Kreskin! Which are you? Continue reading

Rory McIlroy – What Have You Done!

The Open 2015The announcement that Rory McIlroy¬†tore the ligaments in his left ankle has caught the attention of all golfing fans! I am sure many of you have already heard that last year’s Open champion may not be raising the Claret Jug above his head in 2015. To many, this is devastating news; to some it is troubling; and to others, the news is met with apathy. I am not sure where you stand on the issue, but here is my take!

I will be disappointed that McIlroy may miss The Open because he makes the field stronger and the event more exciting. He adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to any Major, and as defending champion, he would have been a strong favorite.

But, The Open is much bigger than one player. The field will be filled with the top players in the world and only 70 of those will be playing on the weekend. With so many first time winners on tour this year, it is impossible to eliminate any player before the first ball is struck. There are some favorites, but, the fact the McIlroy may miss the third Major of 2015 will not be the end of golf.

I am disappointed for Rory McIlroy. I hope he has a speedy recovery and is back hitting 300+ drives very soon. His accident is a life thing and could have happened to anyone.

What is your opinion Rory McIlroy’s situation?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!