Hitting The Right Club at the Right Time

Club selection is a challenge for most players. The factors to consider before making any shot can almost be incalculable. Many times we under club our shot because we think that a 7-iron into a 2 club wind will go the distance because we did once a long time ago. Or we think we can hit our 3-wood 220 yards in the air and carry the pond; we are shocked when we fall short! Golf is about decisions and hitting the right club at the right time is definitely one of the most crucial.

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Chipping In and Lower Golf Scores

The connection is obvious between chipping in and lower golf scores. Jarring one from 25 yards or more off the green reduces my golf score by at least two strokes a majority of the time. It makes sense because most amateurs have a low up and down percentage regardless of where they chip from. It is a stoke of luck all golfers want, but rarely achieve. I wonder why it is so difficult to achieve considering the thousands of balls I chip every year. Chipping in is not something I do on a regular basis; how about you? Continue reading

Is it Really a Practice Swing?

A practice swing is part of my pre-shot routine. I learned long ago that without it, my game suffers. In addition to the physical benefits, it also helps set up my mental preparation for my shot. Interestingly, I have two pre-shot routines that involve my “practice swing”. It is because of this I wonder what am actually practicing during my pre-shot routine. There seems to be a quandary that needs discussing! Continue reading

Do You Club Up and Swing Easy?

On my road to recovery, I am not a physically strong as normal. This is a by-product of my treatments and something I cope with every day. My fatigue and weaker state has not stopped me from playing golf, however I have modified club selection to account for my inability to crush the ball! Continuing to play into the fall, I realize that I am clubbing up more often than not to achieve the same mid-summer distances. After some thought, I realize that changing clubs to adjust for conditions is a fact of golf most amateurs likely avoid. Continue reading

In Between Clubs – Is This a Real Problem?

During the BMW Championship, I overheard several caddies talking to the player about yardage and how to adjust the grip on the club to ensure that they can make a full swing. This adjustment indicates that the player was in-between clubs for the yardage they wanted to hit. As I thought about my game compared to theirs, I rarely feel that I am in between clubs and the yardages I assess are plus or minus 5 yards anyway. So I ask, is being in between clubs a real problem for amateurs or is it something at only professionals need to be concerned with? Continue reading