Using My Range Finder Club Selection

I never mentioned that I bought a range finder over the winter. I thought I wrote a review on it, but alas I had not. So, expect on to come in the near future. This is a bit of putting the cart ahead of the horse, but it is the topic I chose to write about today. I have found that my range finder has helped with club selection, especially with blue pin placements.

I did not think that this measuring device would be as valuable as it is because my Garmin Approach 6 provides much of the data I need for any shot. The Approach 6 is best when I cannot see the green or the flag is obstructed by something. Therefore, it provides “close enough” yardages to make any golf shot. However, I was looking for something a bit more refined so I decided to purchase a range finder.

The range finder provides an exact yardage from my position to the flag. This information is very valuable because it takes any guess work out of using my Garmin. What I mean by guess work is a 5 to 7 yard error when selecting pin position. Depending on the conditions, that can be a full club selection error.

The following is from the Precision Pro website to give you an idea about what I see in my eye hole of my range finder:


As I stated before, I found my new measuring device best when looking a blue pin. It is challenging to select the right pin position on my Garmin, especially if the greens are very large. I realize most of you are saying that the margin of error falls within my swing anyway, but I like to know the exact yardage I am hitting too. I many cases, I have had to club up to hit that yardage. This is important because it will leave a shorter distance to putt.

Club selection is crucial to our game. Understanding the exact yardage definitely helps and to lower our golf scores. The real question is: has my new range finder lowered my golf scores? I would say yes by a stroke or two per round. This does bit seem like much, but when you are shooting in the 70s most of the time, it is a game changer.

For the avid player with some money to spend, I recommend that both devices have merit. You will have to do some research to figure out which would suit your game, however I do recommend that you purchase one or the other. (if you use your phone, then this equates to the Garmin)

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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