Why I Carry a 60 Degree Wedge

I have talked about a 60 degree wedge a fair bit lately. So, I finally have a visual opportunity to show you why a 60 degree wedge is important to my game. This will be the last post about this club for a bit.

This happened this yesterday morning; 20 yards over stuff to a short sided green. It landed 2 steps on the green and my ball released 10 feet to stop within 5 feet of the pin. I made the putt and walked off with what seemed to be a bogey, but ended up being a par.

The high flop shot is a stroke saver for me and I am glad I took the time to learn how to play it.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.

4 thoughts on “Why I Carry a 60 Degree Wedge

  1. Great shot. Here’s a couple of questions. How much bounce on your 60 and when hitting a flop shot, do you open your stance and if so, how much?

    I’m not sure that even if I was carrying my 60 that I would use it for a flop shot with that lie. With that much turf under the ball, I’d be afraid of the face just slipping under it and never moving the ball. Even with the extra 4 degree’s of bounce on my 56 (it has 10 and my 60 has 6), I’d be guarding against that. But our turf is very different than yours. That looks far more lush that what I’m used to playing on even at the best of our local courses. I know pictures can be deceiving, but that kind of lie is the stuff dreams are made of down here. lol

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    • Kevin

      My 60 degree has a 8 degree bounce. For that shot, instead of the of my clu pointing at my left hip, it pointed to the onside of my left left. The tip moved avout 2 or 3 inches towards my back foot which opened the face more. The gras is about an inch or two long and the ball was sitting up so I could try that shot. I would not consider our rough lush for the most part. It is filled in, but does not stopped club movement. It really was a shot of opportunity.

      Cheers Jim


      • At that length it would be extremely lucky if the ball sat up like that around here. I found the rough a few times yesterday and every time, even in the thickest ‘filled in’ area, the ball found it’s way through the grass and sat on the ground. Burmuda is a real pain that way. If the ball sits up like that, it’s usually sitting on some kind of weed patch here and we thank the golf gods. Lol


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