Conceding A Hole In A Match Play Golf Tournament

Part of the strategy of in a match play golf tournament is conceding a hole. The challenge for many players is understand the impact of conceding a hole. Losing one hole doe not generally impact the overall result early in the match, but as the holes unfold this may not be the case. Additionally, there is a mental side of conceding a hole that might have a greater impact on the score may not be immediately seen. Additionally, conceding a putt to half a hole is in a way letting your opponent off the hook and this might be the deeper issue of match play golf.

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Do You Concede Putts?

Before we start, this has nothing to do with the US Junior Competition. It has to do with the fact that I am in a Match Play tournament at my local golf course of Osprey Links. As I think about my strategy, I wonder where I can gain an advantage over my opponent; my only answer is on the green. The rest of the time I have to play my game and hit good shots to put pressure on my playing partner. So, I have to wonder when I should concede putts? Continue reading