Do You Concede Putts?

Before we start, this has nothing to do with the US Junior Competition. It has to do with the fact that I am in a Match Play tournament at my local golf course of Osprey Links. As I think about my strategy, I wonder where I can gain an advantage over my opponent; my only answer is on the green. The rest of the time I have to play my game and hit good shots to put pressure on my playing partner. So, I have to wonder when I should concede putts?

The last two Match Play tournaments I played, conceding putts was very important. I believe it provides an advantage to each player if used properly. I think that conceding putts is strategy and used properly, will give you an edge. Before I explain my thought process, here is what many readers think about conceding putts in a Match Play event:

I fall into the ‘sometimes, strategic only’ category. I use this as a tool to disarm my opponent and I am going to share with you how I do this. Of course, I am not going to tell you all my tricks, but ….. never mind, of course I am!

  • I never concede a putt that wins a hole.
  • I am more generous in the early holes and less so in the latter holes.
  • I like to give a 4 footer early, then make them putt it when it counts. Generally, this throws them off thinking I will concede all putts closer than 4 feet.
  • I rarely concede side hill or down hill putts. They are difficult at best and force players to show me the can putt.
  • Lastly, I always congratulate my opponent if they make a good putt! It is important to give credit where it is due.

Match Play events are fun. The only real place to gain an advantage is on the green. The rest of the time, it is all about making quality golf shots. If I can get into the head of my opponent on the green, chances this will translate into his other golf shots.

Do you concede putts in a Match Play tournament?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.


4 thoughts on “Do You Concede Putts?

  1. Jim, I will concede putts and will always knock my opponent’s ball back to him. If someone concedes a 3-footer to me and doesn’t kick it back, I’ll go line it up and miss it deliberately. That will get in your opponents head!


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