Jumping to Confusion When Playing Golf

Have you ever wondered why you suddenly are in a pickle when playing golf? Things are going well and you are having a great round. Then suddenly, one shot forces a U-Turn in your game and you are scrambling to make bogey or worse! It happens more times than ever hoped in my game and I wonder why such unexpected things happen when I am cruising to a low score. Well, I have figure it out – I jump to confusion when playing! Continue reading

A Great Day on the Golf Course

Blair Pulling into the Osprey Links Golf Course parking lot.

Yesterday I hit the links for only the fifth time this year. As many of you know, my medical woes have severely limited my ability play, but I am grateful I have played this much. Blair and I got off to a rocky start around a half hour late thanks to some confusing texts. This was the worst thing that happened all day, so in the end, it was a very good day. After we loaded his clubs on the cart, we were off to the races. Continue reading