Jumping to Confusion When Playing Golf

Have you ever wondered why you suddenly are in a pickle when playing golf? Things are going well and you are having a great round. Then suddenly, one shot forces a U-Turn in your game and you are scrambling to make bogey or worse! It happens more times than ever hoped in my game and I wonder why such unexpected things happen when I am cruising to a low score. Well, I have figure it out – I jump to confusion when playing!

When playing well I sometimes want to squeeze just a bit more out of my game. I begin to wonder if hitting a higher risk/reward shot will enable me to score just a bit lower. You know what I mean, you are playing well and feel that you are in total command of your swing. Then suddenly, that low percentage shot becomes an impossible shot after your re-evaluate the penalty strokes you are adding to your score.

I have found that when I am hitting the ball well and playing with confidence that I sometimes lose my perspective on my game. I start to think I am “Seve” and can make the impossible shot. It does not happen often, but every now and then……

I call this jumping to confusion. I become confused on how good my game really is and my capabilities to make certain shots. I realize that it is important to be confident, but trying the Roy McAvoy shot with the hooded 4-iron at the pelican on the post in the middle of the pond is not in my game. No matter how much I think it is at a specific time, it really is not!

Of course after I make the “dumb” shot I realize I jumped to confusion, again. It is a challenge in my game that I struggle with from time to time. Often I can prevent myself from jumping, but this is not always the case. I do admonish myself, but it does no good. I guess my ego still gets the best for me every now and then.

Do you jump to confusion from time to time?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.

6 thoughts on “Jumping to Confusion When Playing Golf

  1. Jim, I am more guilty of the opposite when playing well. I over-protect. Same result though. I think the solution is to follow your process and stay in the present shot mode. Evaluate the shot for what it is and nothing more (as if you’re not keeping score).



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      • Jim, I haven’t played since November and am rehabbing tendonitis in my left elbow. It was 60 degrees the other day so I hit the range for a bucket and worked through my whole bag but every swing was painful. May need a cortisone shot if my current regimen doesn’t work. Either way, I hope to be ready by late Feb/early March.



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