Picking The Wrong Golf Shot

Golf is a continual adventure of choices. Not matter what golf shot you plan to make, there are always choices. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly repeatedly comes to mind. And just because the situation forces you to make an ugly shot, does not mean it is not the correct course of action. Yet sometimes, I get excited about the possibilities success that guide me to make the wrong golf shot. It is a lesson I relearn from time to time, but less frequently with the more experience I gain by using my course management processes.

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Good Luck Jordan Spieth At Pebble Beach

After four years since Jordan Spieth’s last victory, he has a two stroke lead heading into the final round of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Spieth’s last wins (3) occurred 4 years ago in 2017 where he won the Pebble Beach Pro-AM, The Open and The Travelers. Since then, it has been a steady decline in his game from world number one to 115th on the world ranking. However, that all stops today!

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Keeping The Golf Mindset During The Middle Of A Tempest

Many golfers lose their way on the golf course when their game suddenly disappears. I was one of those players who would lament about the poor shot and watch as my game self-destructed into oblivion. Years ago, it took nothing at all until I was scrambling and grinding to find my golf swing and hopefully right my golf game so I could post a reasonable score. It was only 15 short years ago that realized my golf mindset was weak and it needed to be strengthened!

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Coming From Behind for the Win in Golf

It is a challenge to hunt down the leader of a golf tournament. Chances are, they have played well and earned the top spot on the leader board. However, as a fellow competitor, I always devise a strategy to close the gap and hopefully my ball striking will support this plan. Regardless, I never enter into a tournament without devising away to win. Do you?

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Sinking the Final Putt for the Win

Recently, I asked if anyone had sunk their final putt to win a match. Surprisingly, it was an overwhelming yes! I have to admit that I was surprised, but given the demographic of my blog I should not have been. Regardless, it is an awesome feeling and one I have only experienced a few times over the many years I have played golf. Continue reading