Keeping The Golf Mindset During The Middle Of A Tempest

Many golfers lose their way on the golf course when their game suddenly disappears. I was one of those players who would lament about the poor shot and watch as my game self-destructed into oblivion. Years ago, it took nothing at all until I was scrambling and grinding to find my golf swing and hopefully right my golf game so I could post a reasonable score. It was only 15 short years ago that realized my golf mindset was weak and it needed to be strengthened!

I have talked about developing a winning/golf/positive/growth mindset in many articles and I stand by what I previously said. Yet, from time to time, I still loose my golfing mindset when my swing departs for greener pastures. But, since my epiphany back in the early 2000s, my interval of poor play has become less and less. I now have the ability to slide into my golf mindset quicker and it is because of one thing: Trust!

One of my first swings after Stem Cell Treatments. Talk about having to trust your swing!

Trust is the “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”. Pretty straight forward, right?

Of course that simple word covers a great many topics. However, in my case it is specific to my golf swing. As a low single digit handicapper, there is an expectation that I will always have a great swing and rarely make mistakes. I can tell you that when my game starts to fail (and it does from time to time) it has nothing to do with mechanics. It is all related to the mental aspects of my golf mindset.

To rebound from my poor play, I intentionally focus on trusting my golf swing. What does this mean, well I try to remove all swing thoughts in order to allow my body to freely move without concern.

My mind is focused on the my target and the making contact with the golf ball. The rest, I trust my swing take care of the rest. This process works for me because I have laid the foundation for its success over years of committing to the thought that I can hit the ball well. I realize this seems like fuzzy logic, but it is a challenge to explain, yet it is very important to my golf game.

Having trust in my golf swing also means that I have to loosen the reins of control and allow my body to swing my clubs as it has been taught. Finding the right mental and physical swing balance is rooted in my trust of my golf swing. It many not always look pretty, but I know that it will produce the shot I want more often than not; so trusting my golf swing works for my game.

Well, this article has been a challenge to write. I have thought about how to articulate trust in my golf swing and I am not sure I have hit the mark. So, it there is something I missed, you have a thought, or you have a question, please feel free to comment below. I would really like to flush out this idea and I think I need some help. Thanks in advance.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Keeping The Golf Mindset During The Middle Of A Tempest

  1. Jim, as you mentioned, trusting and focusing on target is probably the best thing you can do for your swing. When mine goes awry, it’s about 75% physical – 25% mental. I’m very aware of how my swing works and the mechanical flaws I’ve been working to overcome. When I visit my big miss, I understand why I hit the shot, so I don’t try to over-correct by searching for mechanical fixes. When I get in trouble is when I focus on too many mechanics before I start play. Gotta always remind myself to narrow the focus and invite feel into my game.

    Great discussion points, thanks!


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    • Brian

      Great points. Staying focused on the bigger picture and not chasing every minor mistake is definitely important to overcome periodic swing issues. Sounds like you trust your process and can revert back to your norm without the stress of wondering what is going on with your swing. That is a great tool to have.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. I agree Jim that TRUST is the key. It’s partly a mindset and it’s also a function of having repeatable process. Practice leads to “muscle memory” which means you are applying your cognitive capabilities to your swing but allowing the ingrained pattern of the swing to take control. The result is always better than trying to over- think you’re swing.

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    • Linley,

      Great points. It is amazing how our golf swing, good or bad, is repeated after a while. Then trying to modify that swing is quite the challenge. Through the entire process, trust issues can be a challenge.

      Cheers Jim

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