Osprey Links Golf Course – All 18 Holes Are Open!

It is a glorious day for golfers who frequent Osprey Links because all 18 holes are open! This spring has been tough both due to the weather and COVID-19, so being able to play all 18 holes is going to very refreshing. The last time I loop the entire track at Osprey Links was back on 29 September 2019 and let me tell you I miss my ole stomping grounds. Fortunately, we are playing today, but we will have to bundle up because it is going to be cold and wet!

Playing golf last fall at Osprey Links Golf Course. Second shot on the 10th hole.

I reason I am excited about the expanding number of holes is because 18 holes fits perfectly into my game. I have been playing 9 holes up until now and I found myself wanting after playing. Now, that the entire course is ready for play, I can see my game improving even more!

With the opening of all the holes, I will also start capturing my stats with earnest. As the same as last year, I will capture the following with one new addition:

  • Fairways hit – if missed, the record left or right
  • GIR – greens in regulation
  • Putts – number of putts per green
  • Distance of first putt – this is a new stat. It will help me determine how effective is my chipping.

Now that I can play and entire round in one outing, I expect great things from my game. This is always one of the milestones of my year and it happens at different times each year; well 2020 is in full swing and I for one am excited to get going.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Osprey Links Golf Course – All 18 Holes Are Open!

  1. Jim, great to hear that your full track is open. Hey on the proximity stat, are you tracking distance on your first putts for greens hit in regulation or just greens missed?



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