A Simple Golf Plan For Success

If you are a golfer looking to lower you golf score then I have a solution for you. I am not claiming to have thought of it, but maybe it has been mentioned once or twice over the 2200+ articles I have written at The Grateful Golfer blog. Every golf plan, regardless of complexity, has to meet four important criteria: idea, planning, execution, and maintenance. And this simple plan hits all of those categories in spades.

One of my regular playing partners, Rick, has decided it is time to focus a bit more on his golf game. He does not practice that much, but plays 4 to 5 times a week with Blair and I. Just a few short rounds ago, Rick decided to take steps to improve his game one small simple step at a time. So far everything is working very well.

Rick playing golf in Mattawa.

Rick’s simple approach to improvement is to choose one aspect of his game (one thing only), per outing, to focus upon. He announces his goal at the beginning of the round and works on accomplishing this positive end-state with every golf swing. To date, he has been successful and has recorded some fairly good scores. Let me break this down a bit:

  • Idea: Rick decided he would combine his time on the links with focused intent to work on a specific part of his game. He realized that hitting the range for endless hours of practice was not going happen, so he is effectively using his time to improve his game.
  • Planning: His plan is very simple. He announces what area of his game he is going to work on during that round. How he picks is topics is likely random at first, but now that he is playing more, he can identify areas of his game that needs the most attention.
  • Execution: He chooses a goal every round.
  • Maintenance: He can revisit any goal at any time. Additionally, he is trying to build on each previous goal. It is not a one and done type of plan, but one that grows his overall game with small incremental steps.

To date Rich has worked on hitting the fairway, putting the ball to the hole with no three putts, alignment, and ball position in stance. Each time he picks an area, he works the entire round with it in mind. Additionally, he tries to adapt the positives from previous rounds to build a stronger all-around game. Right now it is working because his game is improving.

You may ask how Rick works in the specific mechanics to each topic, well he does not become overly entrenched in the minute how. He focuses on the big picture. I would suggest that Rick knows what to do most of time, so it is a matter of focusing on what he already has developed. If he happens to have any questions, he knows he can ask me or Blair; we will help out when or if he needs it. This plan is brilliant and simple at the same time.

The overall goal of Ricks simple plan is to consistently break 90. Once he accomplishes this goal, then I can see him zeroing in on breaking 80. However, he realizes that to reach either goal takes focused effort and he is definitely on the right track.

There are many ways to improve your golf game. Selecting one area to focus upon while playing a round of golf is simple, sustainable, and achievable is perfect for players that are scoring above bogey golf. It works for Rick and might work for you; regardless, this sounds like a great approach to lower golf scores! Thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you the links!


5 thoughts on “A Simple Golf Plan For Success

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  2. Jim, a couple thoughts. I like the attempt to focus on one thing while playing. Should help Rich to simplify his approach. Not sure I like the switching things every round and trying to leverage what you previously worked on. That’s putting the “camel’s nose in the tent” for decision paralysis because it opens him up to too much switching when things go wrong. We all inadvertently do it. If he’s trying to break 90 most times out, he’s probably got some fundamental swing issues that could be addressed with instruction. Plus, if he was spending hours at the driving range (prior), sounds like he has the time for some lessons and focused practice.

    So his plan probably will work in the short run but I’d head in a different direction for permanent improvement. My two cents.

    Good luck to Rich!


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    • Brian,

      You points are well taken. I think Rick has to decide if he wants to move things to the next level. Right now his journey is to take baby steps and work on his game when he plays. Once he has the feeling of success, he might want to take lessons or practice more. I am just happy for him that he is changing his golf mindset and is being successful.

      Cheers Jim

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  3. Our practice area still isn’t open for use so I’m on hold with that game improvement plan. But there is a range that’s open in the area so I’m thinking about getting over there this week for a bucket or two. I’d like to work some more on controlling the draws and fades there. Both can come in handy on the course here at home on multiple holes and I think our facility here is better suited for the chipping/pitching practice I wanted to start.

    It was a hot one out today. I was drenched in sweat as I finished. My play overall was a bit up and down but my first and my last shots were as good as they get. Both were on short par 4’s. The first swing was a 3 iron off the tee that I striped to within 10 yards of the green and right under the hole. I’ve hit them longer before, but not better. That was as good as it gets. Then on the 18th, after slicing that same 3 iron back into the 1st holes fairway, I hit a sand wedge from about 50 yards out that landed and rolled out along the ridge just right and tagged the cup dead center for eagle. The only two shots I was sure people were watching and I hit both perfect. Maybe I need to start bringing a crowd with me. 😂

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    • Kevin

      Congrats on the hole in eagle. Always great to finish a round that way. I think I need to head over to the practice area to hit a bucket of balls as well. Just need to make the time. We had a frost warning last night, so it is a bit cool this morning. To cold to golf today.

      Cheers Jim


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