Being In Play Off The Tee

How important is being in play off the tee anyway? I mean, as long as I am not out of bounds, then hitting the fairway seems to be a luxury. I can whack my way down to the green just as quickly hitting out of the longer grass or edge of the trees and that boring player who hits off the short grass all the time. I think this is an overrated statistic and I am going to focus on other things. If you are the golfer I just described, then I suggest you need to read on because you are heading down the wrong path to improve your golf game.

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Osprey Links Golf Course – All 18 Holes Are Open!

It is a glorious day for golfers who frequent Osprey Links because all 18 holes are open! This spring has been tough both due to the weather and COVID-19, so being able to play all 18 holes is going to very refreshing. The last time I loop the entire track at Osprey Links was back on 29 September 2019 and let me tell you I miss my ole stomping grounds. Fortunately, we are playing today, but we will have to bundle up because it is going to be cold and wet!

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Keeping Stats in Golf

Yesterday I mentioned I would show you how I keep my stats when I play. There is nothing spectacular or earth shattering about my process, but the simplicity of my method might be helpful. I try to keep these stats during every round because (good or bad) it will help me focus on specifics during my training regime.

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Golf Stats vs Golf Stats

On and off over the years, I have tracked every kind of golf stat. I have found stats can be both valuable and a waste of time. It really depends on what I want to do with the data. Collecting stats without a plan to use them is just collecting stats. Knowing what to do with them is extremely important because the stat may not actually be the root problem.

Recently, I asked which golf stat was the most important. This is what people said:

As you can see, GIR and # of putts are the stats that the respondents felt were the most important. However, there were four stats and I am not sure we can discount the other two so quickly! Continue reading

Golf Simulators: Pro or Con?


Golf Simulator at Rhino Sports in Belleville, Ontario.

With the long off-season in Canada (with this year being the exception so far), golfing fanatics will try just about anything to keep our game in tune. We hit balls in the snow, use a dome, and where possible, use a golf simulator. I have only used a golf simulator twice before and never really gave it much thought about their value to my golf game. This year, at the prompting of my wife, I joined the indoor golf league with some friends and we have a standing game on Wednesday nights for 8 weeks starting in January.

The indoor golf league is hosted by Rhino Sports in Belleville, Ontario.  It is a new business and Martin, the owner operator, decided to start the league to try to fill a void for us golfing fanatics. For $226 (tax included), can play 10 rounds of golf on world-class courses between now and 01 April. I met Martin for the first time last Wednesday and he is very up beat and his staff focus on customer service. So far, my experience at Rhino Sports has been very positive.

The simulator is basically a big video game. However, it offers different dimensions that are of value for most golfers looking to improve their game. Check it out:


Practicing before round


Spraying all over the place during warm up!


Some Stats that can help identify areas to work on.


Interesting stats for research area. Back Spin….Ouch!


I would take a drive like this all the time.

At this time, using the golf simulator is going to be fun and educational. As the season unfolds, I will drop in my stats and areas where I think I need to focus on in the 2016 season. If you notice anything, don’t be shy!

Have you ever used a golf simulator? Are you in the Pro or Con category?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!