Walking to Build Up My Endurance

I enjoy walking every day. Other than keeping me fit, it also is good for my mental state as we patiently wait for spring to arrive. I have never liked jogging, but could play a sport all day without complaint. But jogging just does not float my boat. So, over the years (with my wife’s help) I have taken to walking. Not only is it good for my health, it is good for my golf game.

Walking in morning is the best time to play.

I generally can pump out 5km (3.12 miles) in 50 minutes. Since my stem cell treatment in August, it has taken about 4 months to build up my endurance to accomplish the above distances. I am proud of my steady improvement, but believe that I need to sustain what I am currently doing with the intent of improving my time to get ready for golf season.

I love to walk the golf course. We have discussed this many times and I really missed that experience last year. I played golf, but it was all from a cart. I do not play as well in a cart, so this off-season is about building my endurance by walking every day.

My goal is to walk every day. I know that life will prevent this, but I have to set a goal that is attainable and sustainable. With just 93 days until opening day, I have 93 walks to complete. It is important build my endurance if I want to have the quick start I need in 2019 to move towards my ultimate goal of being a scratch golfer.

Do you walk to build your endurance?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Walking to Build Up My Endurance

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jim! I made a DIY Peloton bike with a spin bike and started that to build endurance. I like it because I have a “personal trainer” leading me through my workout. Hopefully it transitions to better endurance walking 18!

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    • Brian,

      I walk on the treadmill when the weather is bad. We (my wife and I) walk the road when it dry and snowshoe when we can. Where I live, you have to take advantage of what mother nature gives us. Today, for example, we might go snowshoeing. It is only minus 14 C and with no wind will be very pleasant. We like to get outside as much as possible.

      Cheers Jim

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      • Jim, I’ve got a treadmill but run into the boredom thing when I’m on it. Doesn’t make for an inviting activity and I struggle to stick with it. Do you read or listen to music when on yours?


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      • Brian, I watch TV or play games on my tablet. I find that both of these passes the time very well. If I did not have that it would be a struggle for me as well. I do not find music works well for me on the treadmill. Regardless if I like it, I need to do it because remaining active is how we will be able to play golf well into our 80s!

        Cheers Jim

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  2. I ride my bike. Keeping it above 20 miles per hour for 15 to 20 miles provides a good workout. It’s a liitle nicer when the sun doesn’t set so early though. This time of year it’s dark before I start, but the rest of the year I try to time it so I can watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico at the halfway point.

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