Walking to Build Up My Endurance

I enjoy walking every day. Other than keeping me fit, it also is good for my mental state as we patiently wait for spring to arrive. I have never liked jogging, but could play a sport all day without complaint. But jogging just does not float my boat. So, over the years (with my wife’s help) I have taken to walking. Not only is it good for my health, it is good for my golf game. Continue reading

Focusing on the End Goal in Golf

I am 14 days into my stem cell transplant with about 10 days to go. Fortunately, all is going well and I expect this to be the steady state until completion. As I sit in my hospital bed, I find myself making many mini-goals that helps me stay the course of the end goal – healthy and heading home! I find that these mini-goals are as much a physical process as mental; yet hey are all connected.  Continue reading

My Last Day Of Treatment

After six months of battling lymphoma, today is the last day of treatment. My stem cells, which were harvested three weeks ago, are finally being infused back into my body. After several treatments of intense chemotherapy, it is time to start the road to recover. I still have a long way to go, but focusing on recovery is a relief. Additionally, I can set a goal of playing golf this fall which will motivate me to stay focused on a healthy recover. Continue reading

Working With Professionals Pays Dividends

A week ago, I experience a delicate process of harvesting my stem cells. When I arrived at Ottawa General Hospital, I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the staff and their calm demeanour. Of course, I was like a duck; calm on the outside and running a 100 yard dash on the inside. As they prepared me for treatment, I marveled at their expertise, confidence and their ability to work within a controlled chaos environment. The nurses were fantastic and as I watch them responded to the various unexpected situations for four hours, I could easily see that working with professionals pays dividends. Continue reading