Who Will Be Named the Team USA Ryder Cup Captain in 2020?

Team USA has yet to choose their leader. There are five players in the running according to various sites, however I believe that there are only two should be considered. I feel either would provide the type of leadership that Team USA needs to defeat the powerful Europeans.

As we know, Team USA has not performed well despite being the odds on favourites. It is a perfect example of “it looks good on paper”, but in reality their chemistry wanes and as a result are coming up short. Well, maybe in 2020 at Whistling Straits, Wisconsin, Team USA will pick a Captain that will provide the type of leadership required to unite these great individuals into a cohesive unit.

The five names being touted at this time for the Captaincy are: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Steve Stricker, Fred Couples, and David Duval. These are all strong choices, but in reality there are only two players who would provide the leadership required to help Team USA. Here is how I see things breaking down:

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. It is too early for these players. Both are fierce competitors and will be vying for a spot on the team. I do not think either would bow out to take up the leadership reins. Additionally, I am not convinced they are mature enough to lead the young thoroughbreds they compete against each week. They are still competitive (at least today) and as such would not be focused on leading.

David Duval. A fantastic player during his short run at the top of world ranking, however he is a grey man to me. He blends in everywhere and I am not confident that the Team USA players would respond well to that. Jim Furyk is an example of how I see David Duval. Both great guys, but not necessarily someone I want to see at the helm. Having said all this, I think his experience as the world’s number one player would make him a very good candidate for a vice captain position.

Steve Stricker. He would be a great choice. He is respected by everyone and understands the game very well. He has a quiet strength that many of the young players would be drawn too in order to work as a team. Being a Wisconsin native, he would be their odds on favourite. I think Steve Stricker brings many valuable characteristics to the team, but for 2022. He would not be my selection for 2020.

Fred Couples. Couples is the man to lead Team USA to victory in 2020. He has played on winning Ryder Cup Teams, multiple winning President’s Cup Teams and has won a Major. He is a proven champion, but more importantly he has a “Seve-esk” style that Team USA is lacking. He is a fierce competitor, but expects great things from the players. Boom Boom is the type of leader that would bring the flame back to the top of Team USA.

Therefore, I fully endorse Fred Couples as Captain of Team USA for the 2020 Ryder Cup Team. It appears that I am not the only one:

Who would be your choice?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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