6 thoughts on “Making Cool Stuff For The Grateful Golfer

  1. My Daughter received one for Christmas from her husband. I can’t wait to show her what you and your wife have done. She will now have to do all of the golf shirts for my Junior Program. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Nice. If you or your wife ever want to try turning that into a small business, let me know. I have code sitting around for an e-commerce site that is secure and has held as many as 90 thousand products for clients I’ve had in the past. It’s overkill for your needs, but it was for the last friend I set it up for too. She was a painter. The wife of an old and dear friend and fellow golfer. We lost them both a couple of years back to age. But I can bring her site back to life on my server in just a few seconds so you can see how it works. For her, it just took payments through paypal, but it’s capable of using a number of credit card processors. And its open source, so the only costs involved are set up and hosting and whatever card processing fee’s that your chosen processor charges.

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