Lee Trevino Reveals His Secret To Success

Lee Trevino is an amazing player. He always seems to be smiling and for those who don’t know he was/is one of most colorful players in golf. To match his amazing personality he was also a prolific winner. With 92 world wide professional wins, he is better know for his wins in the Majors. Tied for 12th overall with 6 wins, Trevino knows how to win the big matches. Interestingly, how he became a great player is rooted in his early years and what he focused upon to eventually be a golf legend.

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How to Hit the Short Side Chip Shot

If you ever find out, please let me know! Okay, I am just kidding because I think I have finally found the technique that works for my game. I say ‘my game’ because what works for me may not work for you. So, I offer this information in the hopes that you find something valuable you can use to improve your short side chipping. It really is not difficult, but trusting (there is that word again) your swing is so very important. Let us begin.

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New Method vs Old Method for Chipping

Recently, I was asked to look at a video that touts that there is a new and, potentially, more effective way to chip around the green. Thanks to Mac Adams for sending me the video and I finally had a chance to look at what Danny Maude from ‘Play Better Be Better‘ had to say. My first impression was that he offers many great tips on chipping, but I am not convinced it is a new way of chipping.

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