New Method vs Old Method for Chipping

Recently, I was asked to look at a video that touts that there is a new and, potentially, more effective way to chip around the green. Thanks to Mac Adams for sending me the video and I finally had a chance to look at what Danny Maude from ‘Play Better Be Better‘ had to say. My first impression was that he offers many great tips on chipping, but I am not convinced it is a new way of chipping.

First, here is Danny’s video. It is 12 minutes long, but he offers some great information throughout the entire time. Have a look:

I like the way Danny breaks down his process into teachable, sustainable, and simplistic steps. He offers a solid ‘why’ he thinks this is a new way of chipping and for that I am very appreciative. Many times, videos just tell us to do something without the logic behind making a change. For this reason, I will watch a few more of his videos.

His four main focus are ball position, hand position, weight distribution, and skimming the bottom of the club along the grass. His descriptions are very good and they make sense to me. I can honestly say that his points are not revolutionary, but are a great summation of what needs to be done to become a successful chipper.

Additionally, I like the fact that he gave a drill that will help develop the style of chipping that he suggests. This is an important part of any teaching video.

On other point that Danny makes without actually saying it focuses on his lower body. He does have some movement, but it is not as much as I have seen in other videos. I believe that a quieter lower body allows the shoulders to be a bit more active in a chip. This is important because the shoulders, in my case, help keep the ball on my intended line by following through to my target.

The tag line of New vs Old does not really fit in my mind, but it caught my attention (and Mac’s as well). I guess that is really the important aspect of the title, catching our attention. What Danny is teaching should provide a solid foundation for you short game and is worth trying. I recommend that you go to the range first because that is the proven process for successfully modifying your golf game.

Thanks again Mac for sending my the video. I am grateful for the question!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “New Method vs Old Method for Chipping

  1. Jim,

    Danny Maude has a ton of great teaching videos and he breaks everything down in simple stages – reminds me of our military Training!



    • Kirk,

      I just came across his YouTube site. You are right, his methods are very familiar to us and they work. Now, I just need a place to practice in the winter. I am working on that for sure. Hope your game is going well!

      Cheers Jim


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