Winning Golf Tournaments – Too Easy!

There is a sure fire plan to win golf tournaments that anyone can follow. It is not difficult, but does take a bit of effort maintain the course when things are not going well. You will notice that I did not say win every golf tournament, but one from time to time. The competition is fierce out there and to win is something special, but not rocket science! Of course there are two different strategies depending on the format, but the concept for both are exactly the same.

First a poll to see how The Grateful Golfers have done in the past:

I personally have won many tournaments over the years. It seems a few less lately, but that is because I play less tournament golf. I plan to fix that this year, but that is an article for another day. The tournaments I won were both match play and stroke; charity and serious; large scale and small. I consider myself blessed and of course I am grateful for the opportunities to play in these events and cherish the memories of playing in each.

Without prolonging this discussion much further, here are the top three points of my plan, in order of priority, I use to try and finish at the top of the leaderboard:

  1. Focus on “Can Shots”. What this means is to be mentally strong on each shot and focus on what you want as a result from your swing. All too often players focus on the “Cant’s” and that is just a recipe for disaster. Tournament golf is all about making shots when needed and focusing on failing will cause failure.
  2. Expect to win. Yes, you read that right. Why go into a tournament expecting to lose. I realize that there are flights in a tournament and for good reason. My view is that if you win your flight, you won the tournament for the group of players playing to your handicap. Therefore, expect to win and let your game be driven by this positive attitude!
  3. Stick to your routine. This is very important because many times players change they way they play because they are in a tournament. If this is the case, you need to either change the way you play outside competition or stop thinking what got you there is not good enough. I am talking about the routine before, during and after you play. Many times, myself included, we get caught up in the moment wander off from the journey to win. Sticking to your routine is very important to winning golf!

I could go on with other aspects of winning golf, but many of those are focused on practice and equipment preparation. There are important, but the mental aspect (as stated above) playing winning golf is the first step to success. It is the most important aspect of winning that many of you can attest.

Do you have specific aspects of your game that is critical to winning golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Winning Golf Tournaments – Too Easy!

  1. Jim, one aspect to winning that cannot be overlooked is the will not to give up. Whether in stroke or match play, if you can play through some bad breaks, you will have an advantage on most players. I re-learned this recently in the club championship. I was be-felled with the same lousy breaks and poor shots that many of my fellow competitors experienced, yet it amazed me how many of them gave up, and I refused to. If you approach it thinking everyone in the field will be confronted with adversity during the competition, when it’s your turn, you can more easily weather the storm. Just gotta get more determined and push through.

    Thanks for the key reminders!


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    • Brian, this is a great teaching point. Many players ‘stop’ playing after a double or triple in the early holes. I have shot event par with 4 bogies on the front and 4 birdies on the back last year. You are absolutely right, one should never quit playing; you never know what will happen.

      Cheers Jim

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