What Is Your Biggest Worry On The Golf Course

In my earlier years, I was wracked with worry when I teed it up! If I entered into a competition (friendly or serious) forget it; I would seize up for a hole or two until I hit a few good balls and had time to relax. Of course as time progressed and my game improved, I started to worry less and less. This does not mean that I do not have any worries, but any fears about my general game is overruled by my mental game.

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We Worry Too Much On The Golf Course

Have you ever realized how much worry and anxiety is generated on the golf course? We lament about most shots to make, the lie of the ball, unlucky bounces, poor aim, challenging swing thoughts, and I could go on and on. Of course, this type of stress is experienced by most athletes, but golf is such a cerebral game, I think it might take its toll a bit more the players. If you think about it, when is the last time you played golf and did not experience some sort of emotional roller coaster?

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Winning Golf Tournaments – Too Easy!

There is a sure fire plan to win golf tournaments that anyone can follow. It is not difficult, but does take a bit of effort maintain the course when things are not going well. You will notice that I did not say win every golf tournament, but one from time to time. The competition is fierce out there and to win is something special, but not rocket science! Of course there are two different strategies depending on the format, but the concept for both are exactly the same.


The Right Frame of Mind to Golf Successfully

How to golf successfully is a proclaimed throughout social media. Everyone seems to have the definitive answer to this question and I am here to tell you that I have the right answer as well. I figure I might as well jump into the mix because my approach works 100% of the time for me and should for you also! I mean how wrong could I be, really!

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Finding My Centre In Golf

Remaining focused and calm on the golf course is a sure fire way to shoot low scores. This is not a revelation for most avid players, yet it seems that it is a lesson I forget from time to time. In my game, the concentration for a solid round starts prior to my first tee shot, but that first shot sets me up for success if I approach it with the proper frame of mind. In other words, finding my centre and keeping it! Continue reading