The Possibility Of Success In Golf

Anytime we set up for a golf shot, there is a possibility of a fantastic result. This happens every time without fail. I might be looking at this scenario with rose coloured glasses, but I think if you take a moment you will see that I am definitely spot on. Golf is a game of limitless possibilities with a dash (sometimes a shovel full) of disappointment. The challenge for most players is to tap into the positive side of success while avoiding the thoughts of disaster. This situation happens on every golf shot, without fail!

I came across this video from PGA Tour Youtube Channel and it really struck home to me. So much so, that it inspired this article today.

This video strikes home at the heart of my success on the links. I believe that I am going to play every golf shot well. I am mentally prepared to hit a plethora of shots required during every round. Failure is not part of my mental process.

Over the course of playing in many tournaments. I have beaten players by sure will and have lost because my will was weak. The ‘je ne sais quoi” (a quality that cannot be described or named easily) can called confidence, ego, trust, belief, or faith it you prefer. It is that intangible part of our mental game that is an absolute must to be a successful golfer. Success breeds success as much as a strong, positive mental attitude breeds a strong, positive attitude. To me it is clear as day.

The next time you are heading to the links, start preparing mentally for a great round. Use your thoughts to set up your round so that you hit more successful shots than not. This approach works for my game and I a confident it will work for yours.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “The Possibility Of Success In Golf

  1. BTW, we got a tough few days ahead of us here. 30 mph winds for the next 3 or 4 days. Should make for some interesting golf. Going to need all the help mentally I can get. But this is the kind of adverse condition that I find helpful where staying in my game is concerned. Something about playing the breeze that just draws me in.

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  2. I wish I could say I fully believed in every shot I took. I do pretty well at it most days, but I’m no Tiger when it comes to the mental game or any other part for that matter. lol

    You find your tournament golf brings you into your game more. For me, it’s a round alone where I find it easiest to be in the game and only in the game for every shot. It’s not that it never happens when I play in groups with others, but it doesn’t come as easy or happen as often. Though there are individual people that give me that competitive spirit you speak of so I can understand how you thrive in the environment.

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