My Golf Season Is Quickly Coming To An End

I realize that it is only the first of September, but around here the weather quickly changes. Thus, my play takes a dramatic turn to the left and I play less and less. Additionally, the temperatures can very between the middle of the night and morning, that we will be playing on golf course that is constantly wet with dew. Of course, we may get second summer, but that will not change the fact that it is time for me to start shifting my focus from playing golf to preparing for winter. Can you see my sad face as I write this last line. 😦

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How To Win A Golf Tournament

Have you ever won a golf tournament? It is a question I asked recently on Twitter and was not surprised at the responses. Most respondents entered the winners circle at their local course, but a few won some very high level events. It was impressive to read how many club champions there were; something I continue to aspire to still. I have won some tournaments over the years and there are three things that stood out with each victory. They were all that surprising, but something that created the blue print for my future rounds.

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Winning Golf Tournaments – Too Easy!

There is a sure fire plan to win golf tournaments that anyone can follow. It is not difficult, but does take a bit of effort maintain the course when things are not going well. You will notice that I did not say win every golf tournament, but one from time to time. The competition is fierce out there and to win is something special, but not rocket science! Of course there are two different strategies depending on the format, but the concept for both are exactly the same.


Osprey Links Wins The Coldwell Cup

For the first time ever, Osprey Links won the Coldwell Cup. This is a home and home friendly with The North Bay Golf and Country Club is steep in tradition for senior players in the area. To win this event is a big deal for the seniors at Osprey Links and we finally have some bragging rights for a year.

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