Getting Ready for Fall Golf

I realize that this is a topic that many northern golfers hate because it is signifies the end of the hot days of summer. It is a reality for my area, but the slow change in temperature still offers some fantastic weather and scenery for the next few months. It really is a matter of perspective!

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I Need Help Preparing for Fall Golf

It is August first already and where I live we have about 30 days of fantastic weather before the temperature starts to change. With this change, we Canadians start to look at how to extend our golf season as long as possible. I know that today seems like an odd day but my golf season is at its midway point, so time to get ready. Continue reading

Fall Golf is Here!

Every year, about this time, the sunny warm days of golf are quickly turning to cooler days of fall. Each year, I ask questions about clothing, equipment, and tricks to keep warm and extend our golfing season. Additionally, I am heading to a 54 hole tournament next week and the weather forecast is varied and as such the proper clothing is critical so I can play my best.  Continue reading