Does Your Local Golf Course Meet Your Needs

Well, golf season is almost upon those of us in norther climes. It is not time to determine where we want to spend our hard cash to ensure we are receiving the most value for our buck. I have looked at my local courses and I believe I have chosen the one that best suits my needs. Have you? Continue reading

How To Pick Your Golf Ball | The Grateful Golfer

Next to selecting your golf clubs, your golf ball is the most personal piece of equipment you can choose. Before anyone tells you different, there is no right or wrong answer, however I would contest that the ball a professional uses and the ball an amateur uses should be different. The difference is embedded in swing speed, contact, feel, and cost. For those who have a very little idea about some of the factors, you can check out my infographic at this link.

If you are interested in the findings of a fun conversation by a bunch of grateful golfers, then keep reading. Continue reading

How Many Golf Balls Do You Use in a Season?

This is a question I posed a few days ago out in cyberspace. I did not qualify how many rounds of golf a person would play or how long their golf season was, but I figured it was a good question to gauge if I am using too many golf balls. As it turned out, I am actually under the average.

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