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Next to selecting your golf clubs, your golf ball is the most personal piece of equipment you can choose. Before anyone tells you different, there is no right or wrong answer, however I would contest that the ball a professional uses and the ball an amateur uses should be different. The difference is embedded in swing speed, contact, feel, and cost. For those who have a very little idea about some of the factors, you can check out my infographic at this link.

If you are interested in the findings of a fun conversation by a bunch of grateful golfers, then keep reading.

Recently, I asked the question to the many readers of The Grateful Golfer on how they select their golf ball. I was surprised by the in-depth discussion and the effort of the readers to find the right ball. Additionally, I was impressed that the contributors to our golf ball discussion extended all over the world. Many countries like Ireland, Australia, USA, Canada, and New Zealand were represented; as well as the Twitter golf group #golfchat. It truly was a global discussion.

The discussion started with the results of the following poll:

At first, I thought that the poll answered exactly as I thought. Golfers are creatures of habit and will play the same ball they have always played, even if it is not good for their game.

Just after the poll closed, something strange happened. I started to receive feedback that the answer to my question was not as simple as I portrayed. There were other reasons for selecting a golf ball that should not be overlooked.

As we bantered back and forth, other categories emerged and this is what they looked like:

  • Feel – how the ball felt while chipping around the green. Distance was not an issue because most balls will be within yards of each other on a normal hit.
  • Putting – how the ball rolled of their putter.
  • Distance – how well the ball responded to being hit with their driver or long irons.
  • 100 Yards in – how the ball responds from 100 yards and on the green. The combination needs to produce the best overall results.
  • High Spin Covers – on person only uses balls that produce the maximum spin.
  • Weather – how the ball reacts in mixed weather. The cold, wet, sun, and heat. This was an interesting post.
  • Swing Speed –  the lower the swing speed, the more they recommend moving away for the top end golf balls used by pros. They found that they could not produce the same results.
  • Type of Cover – the ball had to have a urethane cover.
  • Shape – not really sure what they meant, but I think it was the condition of the ball they found.
  • Free – anything free was a popular choice.

Although all the responses added greatly to the conversation, I think the best answer was the all-encompassing process by Keith Cook. He has a plan and as a result chooses a different ball to match the situation.

What also surprised me was the variety of manufacturers represented. Additionally, there was no consensus as to which golf ball was best. If you were wondering, in no particular order, whose names were bantered around:

  • Titleist
  • Callaway
  • Snell
  • Vice
  • Wilson
  • Bridgestone
  • Taylormade
  • Seed
  • Srixon

Everyone had their favorites and their own reasons why. I made a few recommendations and so did others, but I realized that the ball the fit my game might, and this is a big might, fit someone else’s game. As I stated earlier, there are no wrong answers when selecting your golf ball; it is a personal choice. How do you pick your golf ball?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “How To Pick Your Golf Ball | The Grateful Golfer

  1. Jim,

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always liked the ProV1 after testing many other balls. I have dabbled in Bridgestone as well and am thinking about revisiting them and testing their latest ball…Tiger sure seemed to bomb it 😉


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  2. The climate change down here seems to work differently than up north. Over the years, before I heard the physics make it impossible, I decided the ball travels farther in the cooler months. Physics or no, I still see my game reflect that. As the weather cools here, I get longer off the tee not shorter. I believe it’s likely a combination of less humidity and dryer fairways. Anyway, I have never given a thought to switching balls as the season changes because I never really noticed a difference in how they react or feel. What testing I’ve done has not been scientific by any stretch, but I haven’t found a benefit for using any of the more expensive balls. The ball I used to use was discontinued so I had to switch last year and found the Wilson 50 that you use part time and that became my ball. I should probably buy a few sleeves of a variety of balls and do some real tests around the green and driving with them to see which works best for my game as I’ve heard suggested before (I think on a Haney video) but I hadn’t really thought about it much. The 50 feels soft when you hit it, does what I want on the greens, feels great off the putter and it’s cheap to boot. Maybe I’ll give testing a more serious look after the seasons over and all you Northerners down here escaping the cold go back home and I have all 100 courses in my area back to myself. It will give me something to do while I sweat.


    • Kevin

      Testing a golf ball is really not all that scientific for the average player. If you like the Wilson 50 and it fits your all around game, then you have found your ball. As far as the ball travelling farther in the cooler temperatures, likely the fairways are harder and you get more roll, but it is tough to say. I hope you enjoy your rounds over the winter as I shovel snow….haha.



  3. Jim, I’ll play the ProV1 most of the time but switch to a Velocity in cold or windy conditions. Either way, I’m a Titleist guy through and through. My driving factors on ball selection in order of importance: 1) Performance 2) Brand Loyalty 3) Cost.



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  4. Interesting post. I have detailed my own OCD preferences and experiments with golf balls on my own blog. This winter I have been using a cheaper ball (golf balls are easier to lose in winter, I find!) but in the last round and a half have moved back to my all time favourite, the Callaway Chrome Soft. For me, it just does it better than any other ball in the various circumstances you discuss. Cheers, Rob.

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