My Worst Golf Hole, Ever!

We have all had bad golf holes. I mean really bad holes. Usually a high golf score is the result of poor play and penalty strokes. Through the years, I have had my share of bad holes and fortunately a snow man is the most I shoot. However, I cannot say that this was always the case. Of course we all take a penalty stroke from time to time and depending on the hazard, it can range from 1 to 2 strokes. If we are really unlucky, we would increase that to 3 or 4 strokes. But, that is when we are really unfortunate.

Recently, I was given insight on some of the woes of my fellow golfers. I can relate to tribulations and have experienced them myself. Here is what they had to say:

Some of The Grateful Golfers shared their story and the most amazing was Jake Weaver who once shot a 14 on a par 5 and then an 11 on the next hole; it was a par 4.  Both in the same round and unfortunately in a tournament. Thanks Jake for sharing.

Through other discussions, I started to think about my mishaps over the years. Two specific holes come to mind and I thought they would be fun to share…..well fun for you. The first hole was a par 3. I was in a tournament, to make our base team, and it was the second hole of the 54 hole even. The hole was 160 yards long with three bunkers protecting short, left, and right of the green. I selected my 7 iron and lined up my shot.

Unfortunately, I hit my ball fat and landed in the front bunker. After two tries, I hit my ball over the pin and it landed on the green, but rolled into the bunker on the right. I not hitting 4. Well, lucky for me I sculled the ball and the front lip of the right hand bunker and popped high into the air with plenty of top spin. I bet you can guess what happened.

My ball hit the green. bounced a few times and sped towards the bunker across the green. After hitting 5 and 6 from this bunker, I was finally on the green. Unfortunately, I was 25 feet from the pin with no confidence. I tried to talk to myself to cool down, but after the first put, I was still 12 feet short of the hole. Of course, I missed the next putt and tapped in my next shot for a smooth 9. The kicker was I fought my over the next 52 holes to miss making the team by one stroke. Needless to say, this hole is etched in my mind.

The next hole that sticks in my mind happened on a par 5. On this hole, I incurred 6 penalty strokes. It was early in my golfing career and my ego ruled much of my game. This hole was on 525 yards long and reachable with a great drive. There was some risk reward because this dog-leg left hole had out-of-bounds running down the entire left side. All I can remember about this hole was that I was playing well and I thought to press my advantage.

After pulling two balls out-of-bounds off the tee, I finally was able to get my third shot in the fairway. Lying 5, I thought to get my previous two errors back by going for the green. Unfortunately, the green was just a bit outside my range so I had to help my 3-wood a little. After hooking my ball out-of-bounds again, I hitting 8.

Finally, I started to play the hole smart. I grabbed my 5 iron and played my ball to 75 yards from the green. I pulled my wedge and finally hit my ball on the green. After a relatively easy 2 putt, I walked of this par 5 with an 11. Six penalty strokes was the most I have ever taken on one hole.

As I stated earlier, everyone has bad holes. We all take penalty strokes. What I have learned over the years is how to minimize the damage. Accept that mistakes happen, but take steps to ensure I do not compound a poor stroke. I have worked at keeping my ego in check and it has worked. From time to time I get myself into trouble, but it is far less now then in my past.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “My Worst Golf Hole, Ever!

  1. Jim, in the last decade, I think I have recorded a couple 10s somewhere and my worst ever is probably an 11. But the most awful hole I’ve had was a 7 on a par 3. Happened in a tournament back in the 1980s and I had one of the junior members at the club I was working at caddying for me. He talked me into hitting a 7 iron when I should have hit 6. I came up short and stubbed my chip, barely getting on the green. The worst part was the five-putt that followed. You know when you feel like you’ll never get it in the hole. When I saw Ernie Els 6-putt the first hole at the 2016 Masters my stomach cringed. I felt bad for the Big Easy, but all the memories came flooding back – LOL! No worries, I’m not scarred for life 🙂



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    • Brian,

      A 5 putt s crazy. Not sure I hVe ever 5 putted. Probably picked up before then. 😂 However, I did play in an 3 round tournament where the greens were so fast thst I putted off the green when trying to sink my putt. That was unnerving for sure! Uou are rigjt that we need to let that stuff go or else our game will suffer long term.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. I am absolutely positive I’ve had more than a few holes like that over the two decades I’ve been playing. But I can honestly say that I can’t remember the specifics of even one. The one thing that comes to mind is there is a dogleg left par 4 on my home course that has water on both sides of the landing zone which is maybe 40-45 yards wide, maybe 50 with the berm on the right, but hitting from that slope is really tough. It’s number 6 on the handicap list but plays harder for most and it sure did me for years. It’s not an especially long hole at 357 but it’s dangerous and even the green is hard to read. It has a tree at the beginning of a long radius turn that you have to get past or your hitting 180+ over water. You just need a straight shot of 200 or so to get a clear shot of 150 or so and you can get a 100 yard approach with a 250 yard drive or so. In the past, I used to hit a driver there and aim right at the retention pond and try to draw it back but of course when I pushed or hooked too much, I’d end up in the retention pond on the right or the lake on the left and then be forced to hit from the drop zone which requires a 160 yard shot with a little draw around the edge of that tree. The lake on the left side is in play all the way to the green so if you over hook that 2nd shot it’s wet. Down around the green, there is also water right and behind so a push or hitting long is wet too. So it’s not a fun shot to be staring down from the drop zone. I know over the years that I have hit the tree and ended in the water with one shot and hit the water around the green with another after hitting the initial drive into the water way more than just once and might even have found water 4 times in a row once or twice though like I said, I can’t actually remember doing it. Those are old memories and age has it’s advantages sometimes. I remember just enough to be sure and play that hole safe and block the rest out. I don’t want those pictures running through my mind. Even here.

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    • Kevin

      That hole sounds amazing! I love toigh holes wjen the player has a think Nd work in thr risk reward. Of course, I am happiest when I successfully make the shot, but regardless, Your golf hole sounds like fun!

      Cheers Jim


  3. Brave of you to share! Not sure what my worst hole has been (probably lost count) but likely to be the 6th on my home course: ditch and impenetrable rough on the left, ditch and OOB on the right, large pond and two oak trees in front of the green. Lots to go wrong there! Cheers, Rob

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