Now This is a Sand Trap

The last two rounds I have played out of the sand more times than I had in the previous 10 rounds. For some reason, my ball was a magnet to the beach and I have to say that I am not impressed, nor do I want to continue this trend. Generally, I am solid player out of the sand, but recently my up and down percentage is less than stellar!

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My Biggest Fear on the Golf Course

As a golfer, we all that one fear in golf what usually creeps into our minds before we make the shot. It is not always there until that certain situation when it enters our thoughts faster than a bullet train. Mine is hitting a ball short into the sand or water on approach shots. I have worked on this fear for years, but of course there is a bit more to the story,  Continue reading

Saving Strokes on the Golf Course

Everyone looks for places to save stokes on the golf course. It is natural to want lower scores at the end of the round. Unfortunately, if we are not paying attention to the opportunities when the arise, then it is an opportunity missed. Right now, most of you are shaking your head and looking back to your last round just realizing that a couple of missed opportunities. Yet, as I reminisce on my last round, I think of the moments when my poor decision cost me strokes. So, I ask you: is saving strokes on the golf course about missed opportunities or making your own opportunities? Continue reading

Sand Play – Not Just a Day on the Beach!

Out of the Sand

Hitting it close out of the sand!

I was reading a post by Ian Hardie from Golf Habits – Simply Better Golf called “Don’t hit the ball out of a sand trap”.  He talked about how to successfully play out of the sand.  His advice resonated with me because this skill is one of the least practice of all.  There are many aspects to consider when playing out of the sand.  To expand on Ian’s post here are a couple of things to consider.

In a green side bunker that has compacted sand and no lip….use a putter.  This type of shot is called using a Texas Wedge.  Strike the ball with some authority and you will find that the ball will play like a bump and run shot.  It works very well, especially if you are not confident with your sand wedge.

In a green side bunker that has compacted sand and a lip….use a 8 iron.  Play it exactly like a bump and run from the fringe.  Ensure that you do not take any sand and make contact with the ball first.

From a green side bunker with soft sand regardless of the lip…use a sand wedge and follow Ian’s advice.  It really does work.  One important point about this type of sand shot (and all others aswell) is the follow through.  You must follow through towards your target and the club head must finish above your head.  If you follow through your ball will come out of the sand just like the pros!

If you are in a fairway bunker and you are plugged….use your sand wedge or pitching wedge and get the ball in play.  Sometimes it is best to take your medicine and advance the ball 50 yards down the fairway than to hit your next shot from the same bunker.

If you are in a fairway bunker and you are sitting on top of the sand….use one club more than you would from that distance.  If you are right-handed, aim a bit left and opposite if you are a lefty.  Make sure you do not use any legs and the ball will travel the distance you wanted….one club more is the key to this successful shot.

Playing out of the bunker is an important skill.  Making an up and down from the bunker is rewarding and significantly lowers your score.  If you get a chance to practice, take advantage of the opportunity.  Remember, playing out of sand traps is not just another day on the beach!

See you on the links!  I am a grateful golfer.