Now This is a Sand Trap

The last two rounds I have played out of the sand more times than I had in the previous 10 rounds. For some reason, my ball was a magnet to the beach and I have to say that I am not impressed, nor do I want to continue this trend. Generally, I am solid player out of the sand, but recently my up and down percentage is less than stellar!

With the amount of time I spend trying to hit out of the sand it reminds me of Shooter McGavin:

Playing out of the sand never worries me, however I do not like visiting the beach 4 or 5 times a round. Regardless of how good my sand play is, it costs strokes. Most of the time, I finish within 10 feet of the pin (if it is a greenside bunker), but lately I am in 30 foot range. Not sure why, but this happens from time to time. I do know when my sand game is off, the issue is in my set up.

I know the best way to improve my sand game is to avoid the sand and believe me I try to do that. However, my approach shots are not as crisp as normal so to the beach I go. It is all good and I know this trend will end very soon. It is the nature of my roller coaster golf game.

Do you spend time at the beach when playing golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Now This is a Sand Trap

  1. What’s not to like about the beach? That’s where the bikini’s are.

    For the most part I like landing in the bunker. Most of our courses here have really nice fluffy white sand in the bunkers which are pretty easy to play from once you’ve learned how to do it properly. But there are a few that don’t keep their bunkers as nice and they tend to cause more trouble. One in particular is filled with something that looks like sand but is the consistency of dust and I hate their bunkers. And most of the courses I’ve had a chance to play up north use a material in the bunkers I don’t much care for either like clay. I imagine thats just something I could learn to get used to if I played them more often but I’m kind of spoiled I guess. With miles of some really great beaches there is no good reason not to have great bunkers like you might find at Pebble Beach here. I guess the only thing I have to be mindfull of is how wet it is out. When I know the bunkers will be wet, I prefer carrying my lob wedge, but when they’re dry and fluffy, I don’t bring it. So I decide which wedges to bring before I leave for a round. I switch between carrying a 48, 52, & 56 to a 50, 56, & 60 as needed for the conditions I expect.

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    • Kevin

      The consistancy of the sand is a definite issue up north. Our sand is usually heavy and compact. And people hate raking their mess and that compounds the difficulty for sure. In top end courses, they invest money in their traps and you can really tell the difference; those traps I do like. For now, I will just have to avoid the traps I guess.

      Cheers Jim


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