Have a Fantastic Friday!

The holiday season is upon us and I am excited to for the fun festivities to start. If you schedule is anything like mine, you will be invited to several parties where tasty morsels will be tempting you at every turn. It is a great fun and not good for my golf game. If I am not careful, January will be spent trying to shed those 10 pounds I received for Christmas.

As many of us know, even an extra 10 pounds affects our golf swing. In my case, the extra weight is felt on my knees and lower back. I am not sure why, but it does. So as I accept the changes this month, I will be looking forward to January where my fitness regime will kick in and I will work on my fitness with renewed vigor.

This does not mean I will not keep working out a bit in December, but let us be realistic, it is the season of celebration. Regardless of my intent, I will struggle trying to keep fit. So, as this month begins, I want to wish you a Happy Friday and hope that your festive season is full of joy, happiness, and laughter.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Have a Fantastic Friday!

  1. Thank you. I did have a great Friday. I played good golf today. For me anyway. The weather was almost perfect. Sunshine, 76F, and a cool steady cross breeze to keep the sweat at bay. Perfect December weather. I shot par on the 1st 9 then went 4 over on the back thanks to a double on the final hole which I blame on my playing partner for bringing up politics while we waited to tee off. Just the thought of trump took me right out of my game. Lol. I hit my drive out of bounds and had to drop where there was no shot at the green. I sliced a 3 iron around the trees for a pretty good layup , but guessed wrong on the approach and needed 2 putts to finish up which left me just one off my best on that course. So nothing to complain about for sure.

    As to weight gain over the holidays, I volunteer to eat any goodies you have to help you with the temptation. My problem is the opposite, keeping weight on, so we’ll make a good team.

    Have a great weekend Jim.

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