Writing A Golf Article On My Phone

I am trying something new today by writing this article on my phone. There is not suppose to be any limitations, except the ones I impose on myself due to my lack of knowledge and experience. Wait, that sounds exactly how I developed my golf game.

As my game evolved, I encountered many shots that I had no idea how to play. I have to admit that it was a bit scary as navigated through the unknown. But as I gained experience I felt better about my game.

Unfortunately, at that time, I lacked a great deal of knowledge (understanding) of the options of each shot. Over the years of struggling with poor decisions, I decided to become a student of the game. This step towards being a better player was as much about lowering my scores as increasing my education so could open the door to more potential options with different shots.

Fast forward to today. I am always trying to improve my knowledge and understanding of golf. This passion I have to become smarter is my journey. This path will never end until I decide that I have reached the end of my journey. I do not see that happening anytime soon, but when I do I will not stop playing just stop searching.

So what is the point of my diatribe, continue searching for and expanding your knowledge about golf. Only through understanding the 5 Ws will you truly become a better golfer! On a side note, your path to knowledge and understanding is yours alone. I cannot tell you how to navigate your path, but I do know that this journey will be full of the elation of accomplishment!

Random picture with an important message in these crazy times.

Weel, my first article on my phone is complete. That’s for reading and have an awesome day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Benjamin Franklin and Golf

Benjamin Franklin is one of the famous people in history. His resume is long and his inventions still provide the foundations of today’s society. But one quote in particular sums up all successful golfers. It is not profound if someone tells it to you, but when you see it in print, it really hits home. Continue reading

Golfing Old-School: Measuring Distance

Old School Golf Clubs.

Playing golf old-school does not always mean hitting hickory shafts, wearing knickers, or wearing a waistcoat. There is so much more to old-school golf than the equipment we use. Specifically, measuring distance. It’s a lost art, but one I am fortunate to have learned when I first started playing. Measuring distance on the golf course is akin to sitting through an advanced mathematics class: simple if you understand the process, but befuddling if you have not clue what you are doing! Continue reading