Benjamin Franklin and Golf

Benjamin Franklin is one of the famous people in history. His resume is long and his inventions still provide the foundations of today’s society. But one quote in particular sums up all successful golfers. It is not profound if someone tells it to you, but when you see it in print, it really hits home.

Seguin Valley Golf Course – 7th hole

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail! Wow, talk about focusing on the failings of most golfers. There are very few golfers (relatively speaking) that take the time to properly prepare for playing a regular round or more importantly, a tournament. I know I fall in this category, but over the past 10 years or so, have tried to limit my preparation failings.

Over the years I have won several golfer tournaments. But none were as precious as when I was crowned the Ontario Regional Golf Champion for the military. It event was hosted in Petawawa, Ontario, and I can say that I was prepared for that event.

Weeks prior to teeing it up, I focused my training to play this course. It is tight and length is not the critical factor for winning. Keeping the ball in play was the key. So, prior to the tournament, I spent my range time hitting 3 woods and hybrids; I hit very few drivers. Additionally, I practiced chipping to elevated greens. Most approach shots and greenside shots were uphill. By preparing for these two eventualities, I was ready for most shots on the Petawawa course. Of note, I shot 75, 72, 78. The last score was a completely defensive round because I had a commanding lead.

My point about the Petawawa story is twofold. Seven years after my win in 2009, I returned to the same golf course. Thinking I knew the course well, my preparation was not as intense as when I won. As it turned out, I struggled with my chip shots and over the three days it cost me at least 2 strokes a day. I shot 78, 78, 78. This was only good enough for 6th position. By not losing those 6 stokes, I would have finish 3rd overall. It goes to show you that preparation should not stop even if you have course knowledge.

Preparation is a hot topic at The Grateful Golfer. It is something near and dear to my heart. Because this is so important, I offer this piece of sage advice given to me in past years:

If you do not know where to start in your preparation, talk to your local professional.

Any professional I know is more than willing to help get you started. The key words in that statement is get started. Do something to prepare your game for success. Sometimes you path you follow is not the right one, but your local professional will help by reducing the time spent finding the right path.

Thank you Benjamin Franklin for the sage advice. I really wonder if you were ever a golfer because you quote sure hits home!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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