I am Grateful!

As I navigate my journey to recovery, I am constantly overwhelmed by the unwavering support by my friends and family. And today is no different!

My friend Serge surprised me with this show of support by him and his curling team!

On August 23, I completed my stem cell infusion. Since, I have journeyed slowly on the road to recovery. As a cancer survivor for the second time, I can categorically say that support, no matter how large or small, is helpful beyond measure!

Thank you Serge and your curling team. I am truly overhelmed!

I am a greateful golfer! See you on the links!

Focusing On Your Aim Point

This week I participated in Canadian Military Curling Regionals at Kingston, Ontario. Fortunately, I was team with three awesome curlers and mainly because of their great play, we won the event. During the three days of curling, I learned a great deal about the sport and a few things that will help me on the golf course. I plan on explaining these over the next few days, but my biggest take-away is to ensure I focus on my aim point! Continue reading

I Thought I Was in Good Shape For Golf!

Every once in a while, I do an activity and realize that I am not in good athletic condition as I thought. Two nights ago, I was invited to curl on a competitive team.  We used this game as practice for a future tournament because I am not a curler, but dabble in the sport from time to time.

Serge, the Skip (or team captain) and I are friends and he invited me to join the Military Base team to compete in Regionals next week, so the game two nights ago was a great opportunity to hone (practice and learn) my curling skills. We were matched against the toughest team in his competitive league and played them to a draw (I was very happy). I had talked about golf Regionals before and curling Regionals are the same concept. Anyway, back to being in good shape. Continue reading

What a Start to My Off Season

I never really worry about my off-season until the snow starts to fly. I generally have enough work around the house to keep me busy and my mind off playing. Well, last weekend was the start of my off-season. We knew it was coming and there was little doubt that my focus had to shift to enjoying the winter wonderland. Things are not going to look up for playing golf any time soon, but it is not the time to stop preparing for next season.

In case you are wondering:

Continue reading