What a Start to My Off Season

I never really worry about my off-season until the snow starts to fly. I generally have enough work around the house to keep me busy and my mind off playing. Well, last weekend was the start of my off-season. We knew it was coming and there was little doubt that my focus had to shift to enjoying the winter wonderland. Things are not going to look up for playing golf any time soon, but it is not the time to stop preparing for next season.

In case you are wondering:

Other activities start jump to the front of the line of things to do. For instance, I shoveled snow three times. I have a snowblower, thank goodness, but that was 3.5 hours of fun in the snow I will not get back.

I was in a fun-spiel for curling. We won one of three games and walked away with some other prizes. Additionally, we had 2 players on our team that never curled before; they did a fantastic job. They found the tradition of winners buying the drinks after the game exceptionally fun. Lastly, I won a hockey stick signed by all the players of the local OHL team – North Bay Battalion. Overall, it was a great event and a good time was had by all!

The changing weather does not prevent me from watching golf when I can, reading about some noteworthy events, or working on my game. Mostly, I will work at remaining fit in preparation for 15 April. Of course, that is my target date for the start of the 2018 golf season. I will lay out some goals and milestones in the future, but for now, I will sit back and enjoy the off-season.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “What a Start to My Off Season

  1. Jim,

    While I certainly prefer reading and writing posts celebrating the start of golf season, there are a lot of opportunities to make the off-season productive…here’s wishing you a great one! You know, if you traded your snow blower in for a shovel, you might be able to justify the shoveling as golf fitness training πŸ™‚


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  2. You are well in the midst of an early start to winter based on that forecast, Jim. We had our first brief taste yesterday and despite some days around 5c here over the next week or so I am closing things down for the season. Wishing you an enjoyable and healthy break from play! Cheers, Mike


  3. Sounds like you have plenty to divert your mind from golf when necessary! By way of contrast, I looked at our 2 week forecast. Daytime temps in double figures C and average nightime minimum around 6 C. Bit of a difference! Cheers, Rob.

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