Forgetting How To Hit Golf Shots

Have you ever played yourself into a situation where a unique golf shot was required. You have made this shot before, but for some reason your cannot recall how. This season I came across a couple of instances where I had to rethink my shot because I could not remember how to make the shot I want. I realize that this seems a bit on the crazy side, but my trouble shot was a rare one, but it was a shot I made in the past.

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Totally Confused With How To Play A Golf Shot

Through the course of 6000+ golf shots I take each year, I can honestly say that I might be confused on how to play a golf shot a couple of times. I believe I can assess how to play 99.5% within seconds of arriving at my ball. The other 0.5% of the time I will have to think about my best options. But, every so often (actually rarely) I am confused or dumbfounded on how to play a shot. I know this sounds crazy, but it happens!

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Trying The High Risk Shot In Golf

Every golfer has played themselves into a position where a high risk shot is needed. Whether we are in a tournament or having a great round, sometimes that impossible shot is placed right before us and it cannot be ignored. This happened to me a few rounds ago and I decided to make the high risk shot instead of playing it smart. Well, it took two tries, but I made it!

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Moving and Shaking On The Golf Course

Have you ever been on the course when everything is going beyond all expectations? I have and unfortunately it does not happen as often as I want. However, when it does happen I revel in its glory and enjoy the moment. Additionally, I have the confidence to try new things and not worrying if it would work out; fortunately, it usually does!

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

As I walked in beautiful surroundings of our favorite path today with my best friend, the feeling of gratitude flowed through my body. As we strolled in the falling leaves breathing the crisp fall air, we both felt at peace. It is during days like this, I take the opportunity to get lost in my thoughts.

During this particular walk, I was counting my blessings and came across this little fella!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

As my wife and I watched him slowly make his way across the path, I was amazed by his unwavering focus and desire to move forward. It took little steps and just kept moving. Each step, he moved closer to his goal or destination. Although, I believe the journey is as important as the destination, this little guy seemed focused on his end goal.

As I thought about my little friend, I thought of my 2015 golf season. I realized that my journey towards scratch is becoming more and more difficult. The reason for my increased difficulty falls in my willingness to make changes, practice difficult shots, and to for my ego to accept short-term poor scores! These and many more challenges face players with a single digit handicap!

I am not sure what the 2016 golf season will bring, but thanks to my new friend I will keep moving towards my goal. Life sometimes throws us curve balls, but keeping our eyes on the prize will help us achieve anything!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!