Forgetting How To Hit Golf Shots

Have you ever played yourself into a situation where a unique golf shot was required. You have made this shot before, but for some reason your cannot recall how. This season I came across a couple of instances where I had to rethink my shot because I could not remember how to make the shot I want. I realize that this seems a bit on the crazy side, but my trouble shot was a rare one, but it was a shot I made in the past.

My shot was very similar to one I made about 10 years ago. But for the life of me I could not remember if I bounced my shot off the top of the mound or just sailed over the top. Here is what my shot looked like (the picture on the right was my results last time):

The challenge of this shot was the pin was only 8 paces past the top of the hill. As you can see, the branches prevented a high lob which would have been my preferred shot. I tried and tried to recall what I did, but alas nothing came to mind.

Without being able to rely on past experienced, I approached this shot as if it was brand new. After thinking about my options, I decided to fly the ball just over the crest of the hill and let my ball roll out past the pin. I decided on my pitching wedge because it had enough loft and enough distance to make my intended shot.

Fortunately, I miss hit my ball and skimmed the crest of the hill, which slowed my ball down enough to just land on the green and roll up to three feet from the pin. It was an amazing, unintentional shot! By fluke I was able to better my previous shots final position by three feet.

Because I forgot how to play this shot from years past, I actually selected the wrong approach to this shot. Not because ended up well, but my mishap demonstrated that I would never be able to stop the ball within a reasonable distance if I completely cleared the crest of the hill. So, I hope in the future I remember that bouncing the ball off the top of the mound is my best option and use my experience to my advantage.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Forgetting How To Hit Golf Shots

  1. It wasn’t my shot, but I do seem to remember a little of your post on it and I believe you at least used the same club as last time which would make sense with the obstacles you faced. Sounds like the results were even better.

    Well I got beat tonight and it was my own fault. On the tee on 17 I was two up and proceeded to top my 4 wood into the lake. Oops. It’s a par 3 so I took my medicine and teed off again and got myself a double while my partner got his par. So I went into 18 even even with him. Up first, he drove the green and then I hit another poor shot, an almost shank that missed short and right in the rough. He made the long putt look easy though it missed a touch high for a tap in bird. I dropped my chip to 4 feet and lipped out. Ouch.

    It was a fun match. He’s a longer player (by 30 yards minimum with a driver, 2 clubs with our irons), I’m generally more accurate so we battle it out all the time. After it was over we saw a friend of his teeing off on 1 and decided to join him for a couple extra holes before it got dark. We a one club challenge on 1 and 2 me using a 4 and him using a 7 wood only (I got the only pars on both because I drove the green on one and 3 putted in while he had hooked his almost to the street and had to try and chip out of the rough and between the trees with that 7 which couldn’t have been much fun. Then I got a lucky bounce on 2 with a 4 wood “chip” that got me close enough to two putt while his chip came out hot and went off the back. Then we played 18 from two different tee boxes with all clubs allowed. The white tee box on 17 has a good view of the 18th fairway that adds a good 120 yards to the short par 4 18th so we teed off from there and from the back tee box on 18. From the 17th the hole doglegs left a bit and we both missed the fairway a few feet long from the 17th tee (his ball cut the corner a little more and stopped 30 yards closer to the hole than mine but about the same distance into the rough) and he drove 18 again from the 18th tee box while I again missed right though not nearly as badly as the first time so I was almost flag high at least. I hit the 2nd shot first of course being the shorter off the tee, a dart of a pitching wedge sneaked out from under the branches flew high and landed and stopped almost in it’s divot 3 feet left of the pin. His chip went long leaving him a long downhill putt with that ball. My tee shot from the 18th tee I chipped up wrapping it around the hole to stop within an inch of my 1st approach shot making my day. Those two balls where my best shots all day. I dropped both of my putts for bird while he got a bird with the ball that landed on the green while the ball from the 17th tee box he’d chipped long refused to fall though it was a great putt. So I took the second match 3 and a half to a half and tied up the score for the day. 😎 I certainly left happy. That pitching wedge from 100 yards in the rough under a tree to a pin that was just 3 paces on and getting it to land soft and stop so close was the highlight of my day and getting the chip of the other ball to stop right next to it, icing on the cake.

    Tomorrow at 3 is my lesson. Hoping of course for big things, but will be happily satisfied with any incremental improvement even if it takes another 6 months of work to achieve like the 1st lesson did.

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    • Kevin,

      It sounds like you had a great time on the links yesterday! I am jealous as we are recovering from freezing rain…..never any fun. You PW shot does sound amazing and it is those shots that keep us coming back. Have fun at your lesson.

      Cheers Jim


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