Forgetting How To Hit Golf Shots

Have you ever played yourself into a situation where a unique golf shot was required. You have made this shot before, but for some reason your cannot recall how. This season I came across a couple of instances where I had to rethink my shot because I could not remember how to make the shot I want. I realize that this seems a bit on the crazy side, but my trouble shot was a rare one, but it was a shot I made in the past.

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Hitting Your Favourite “In Trouble” Golf Shot

All golfers know that at one time or another, during every round of golf, they will be hitting out of trouble. It does not matter how well you hit the ball on any given day, something is bound to test your ability to recover. After many, many different shots from less than perfect positions, we all can say with certainty that some recovery shots better suit our game than others. We all have our favourite worst shot to have to make and hope when things go sour, that is the worst that it gets. It really is a matter of perspective!

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