What is Crazier – Hoping or Wishing for a Good Golf Shot?

I am not sure which is crazier – hoping or wishing for a golf shot? Actually, both are equally loony. Except for the rare occasions where we have to make an absolute miracle shot, if I am hoping or wishing for a good golf shot, I need to go back to the drawing board. I need to re-evaluate my golf game and come up with a better play. Wishing or hoping not the way to play consistent, low scoring golf. It basically is a pipe dream!

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How Does Your Golf Mind Work?

I routinely ask myself this is a question. When playing each shot, I sometimes take opposite approaches to the same set of influences and yet come to a different conclusion. It is very strange and sometimes I wonder if I have my golf brain engaged at all. It really strange and something I continue to be puzzled about. I often wonder if I really have a golf mind or not!

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Do You Have a Favourite Golf Instructor?

I thought about this question for some time before putting my thoughts on paper. Like many of my readers, I glean much of my instructional information from a variety to teachers (notice I did not say coach – two totally different beasts). I read, watch, experiment and then discard many tips and hints over the course of a year. For a tip to take hold in my game, I use three basic factors that will stand the test of time. These ‘golden rules’ help me sift through the plethora of white noise out in cyberspace.

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Building Confidence In Golf

How confident are you in your golf game? Do you know exactly what shot to play in every situation? Well if you do, I think you should start sharing your secret! Stop holding back and start growing the game by expanding the knowledge and understanding of frustrated golfing fanatics!

The plethora of influences on your game is astounding. Depending on the moment, many amateurs can quickly become overwhelmed and lose their confidence to make any shot. They forget all their strengths and focus on what not to do, the result they do not want, or convince themselves that it does not matter because they are going to flub it anyway! Does golf really have to be this way? Continue reading