How to Play a Golf Hole

Over the past 6 months, I have asked several questions on how to play a golf shot from a particular lie. Sometimes the shot is difficult, others it focuses on course management. I am always interested at the responses because by looking at them as a collective, there is no right answer. Everyone plays their shot to the best of their ability, knowledge, and confidence level. I really find it interesting. Continue reading

Playing a Draw or Fade in Golf

Hitting Straight is a miracle.

What is your natural ball flight?

My natural trajectory of a golf ball is straight or a very slight fade. Hitting the ball straight 80% of the time might seem like a gift from heaven, but I can tell you that sometimes I wish could shape the ball. I do work at shaping the ball on the range, but it is not something that comes natural.

If you are wondering about the other 20% of the time, my ball will fade or draw, but it is not controlled. I am not sure why this ball flight randomly decides to show up, but when it does, funky things happen to my game. The 20% randomness is a subject for another blog, for now I want to focus on the 80%! Continue reading