How to Play a Golf Hole

Over the past 6 months, I have asked several questions on how to play a golf shot from a particular lie. Sometimes the shot is difficult, others it focuses on course management. I am always interested at the responses because by looking at them as a collective, there is no right answer. Everyone plays their shot to the best of their ability, knowledge, and confidence level. I really find it interesting.

Yesterday I posed another question. Interestingly, the answers varied and there was no clear winner. Here is what everyone had to say:

The answers were fairly even across the board, however some comments lead me to believe that this question was really about course management and playing the hole to give the best chance to make birdie.

With all golf shots, the variables affecting the outcome are limitless. During this particular question here is what some grateful golfers said:

  • MM Golf Studio: Hybrid to somewhere around 140-150… I love hitting full PW/9i
  • Troy Carr: I’m a lefty so that sets up perfectly for my fade with driver.
  • T-Rev: 3 wood for sure. Not because I’m a long driver but because I know I’ll make that turn and way less chance to miss fairway. I rarely know what the driver will do. I’d rather <180 from the fairway. Which is not to say I’m conservative, but I avoid penalties!
  • Crowds BC Canada: My Driver isn’t that long but a slight fade. I can’t even draw a golf ball with a pen and paper let alone a golf club.
  • Pete Couhig: Depends on the wind.
  • The CAD Says: Depends if there are trees. If so I can’t cut the corner, so I’ll knock it down to the apex with a 4H or 3W (depending on how far the right side rough is from the tee). On an open course I’ll aim left and wallop it with a driver. Of course I’ll end up in a bush either way!
  • Slice: I’ll take a 3W into the close end.. Then a hard 48° or an easy 52° depending on how much there is to the front.

And my favorite:

As Thomas says, it is not how, but how many. However, how is still important for the long-term of how many on the scorecard. As you can see, there are many ways to play a golf shot, this one in particular because all players have different strengths. And as such, we try to play to them.

Personally, I would hit a 3 wood to middle of the fairway past the corner. I would take it down the left side and this shot would leave about 120 yards left; which is a perfect PW. How about you? How would you play this shot?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “How to Play a Golf Hole

  1. Tough question. I can think of two holes which have similar characteristics close by. On one, I hit my 3 iron off the tee because it plays a little downhill and can get me to 8 iron range if I keep to the left, on the other I hit the driver over the corner because it’s flat, has shorter trees left of the big one at the corner that I can easily clear and reach the fairway and have 100 yard approach. Both holes have different dangers and different rewards.

    So I’m guessing you get so many answers because we are all picturing something slightly different.

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