Hitting Solid Irons

Hitting solid iron shots is very important to low golf scores. I am a proponent of the high greens in regulation percentage and this can only be accomplished by solid iron play. I am not a professional, therefore, many of my tips and advice are from an amateurs perspective. They work for me and so I like to share them. From time to time, I find a tip that I like to use and will share it with you. Here is one of those tips.

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Kellie Stenzel, PGA, explains what it takes to hit a solid iron shot. I like that she is talking about her trail arm. This is an often forgotten topic and, like all other movements, is important to ensuring your irons make contact at the bottom of your swing at the same position.

Being able to repeat your swing and make contact at the same spot is a fundamental tenant of a great golf swing. I do practice tossing the ball as in the video, but aim for the same spot all the time. Then, I position my ball on that spot and swing away. This technique works for me, have you ever tried it?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Hitting Solid Irons

  1. I’ve seen this drill before but never done it. I learned to take a full practice swing or two to see where they catch the ground and position myself to the ball accordingly. When I learned that, my posture wasn’t consistent and I swayed so it would change with the day and even during a round and that helped me be a bit more consistent with my ball striking. I continue to do that since learning to stop swaying and turn.

    My golf outing today turned out a bit disappointing. I haven’t got the long irons worked in well yet and this course I played requires a lot of them. I hit a few really good shots, but miss-hit too many. It was my chipping and putting that bothered me the most though. I’ve been doing well with both, but not today. First I couldn’t keep the ball on the low side of the hole when I had to chip on. And those greens were like ice today. They didn’t want to stop once they got rolling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them quite that fast before. They had to be in the 12 range. There were some good points. My driving and bunker work was almost perfect. One pulled drive that went long through a dogleg right and one that faded into the tree line on the left. The rest were at or near the middle. And the bunker shots both looked great but because of the speed of the greens left me ten footers instead of what I thought should be three of four at worst. I chalk it up to that awesome four letter word. Golf.

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    • Kevin

      Thanks for the update of your game. Swaying a little is ok, as long as it is consistent and repeatable. Losing your short game for a round is tough, especially on fast greens. Thanka for aharing your experiences.



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