PSA: Know Your Club Distances

I believe that most golfers sell themselves short by not knowing their club distances. It is hard to determine which club to select for various golf shots if you are not certain how far your ball will travel 7 times out of 10. You will notice that I did not say every time because we rarely hit the ball to maximum distances on every shot. Hence, know how far we hit a ball 75% of the time is a very good thing.

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Accepting Poor Golf Shots

I was going to write a long diatribe about poor golf shots and how frustrating they are, but I decided to let Dustin Johnson do the speaking today.

I know that each of us can find specific holes to Johnson’s logic, but if we look at the big picture than It looks pretty sound. I learned this lesson many times over the years and can honestly say that I accept most (emphasis on most) poor golf shots. My emotional lows are curbed and I do play better golf when I accept my mistakes. I think you will as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

How To Shut Out White Noise On The Golf Course…..The Easy Way

Every golfer has battled against white noise when on the links. You know, those intrusive thoughts, sounds or actions of the normal happenings when playing. In some cases, when the pressure is turned up, the white noise is a massive distraction. It becomes so invasive that I have a challenge staying focused enough to make a stroke. White noise is a score killer, but than goodness I have developed a sure fire way to eliminate these distractions in one easy step. As a result, my scores are consistently lower and have helped me elevate my play to new levels. Interested? Well then, read on!

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Club Release By Freddie Couples

I always try to find useful tips of all levels of golfers. While looking around yesterday for something to write about (and it was difficult for some reason) I stumbled across a short video by Freddie Couples. It talk about club release and how he generates such power and accuracy. I figured that it was definitely worth sharing.

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Forget Everything You Know About Golf – I Have The Answer

Forget everything you have been taught about golf because it is time for you to embrace the easiest swing fix in golf. I know I have made this claim before, but now I have the definitive answer. It was always right in front of my face and I finally noticed it yesterday. The success of golf swing is rooted in one smooth movement! Keep reading to find out.

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