Increase Your Distance Off the Tee

When I was researching how to increase my distance off the tee, I found that there was one tip that continued to pop up. It was mentioned by the instructors as the first thing they would do to increase their driving distance. More importantly, this tip focuses on senior players because of the increasing physical limitations experience in the golden years of their career. I have already adopted this tip years ago (not that I am all that old at 57) because it felt natural and comfortable. Maybe this tip will be beneficial for your game too.  Continue reading

Hitting Solid Irons

Hitting solid iron shots is very important to low golf scores. I am a proponent of the high greens in regulation percentage and this can only be accomplished by solid iron play. I am not a professional, therefore, many of my tips and advice are from an amateurs perspective. They work for me and so I like to share them. From time to time, I find a tip that I like to use and will share it with you. Here is one of those tips. Continue reading

NO Fear Putting!

Most players reach that putting distance where negative thoughts start to creep in. Depending on your skill and confidence, that distance varies. Personally, my distance is around 50 feet or so, but that changes depending on the speed of the green, the undulations, uphill or downhill, or how I am playing that day. There are many influences, however 50 feet is my standard distance of concern. That, however, is not what most golfers think. Continue reading

Phil Mickelson Offers A Solution to Your Sand Trap Woes

I just had to share this video of Phil Mickelson playing out of the sand. I am not ashamed to admit what I do not know and his points about sand condition reinforces what I thought!

In one minute, he explains how to play a sand shot in different sand conditions. Have a watch! Continue reading

The Greatest Golf Tip Ever!

I have received about a million golf tips over the years. I have read them, watched them, listen to them, and practiced them. I have tried variations of the tips and tried to make many of them work. Through all the trial and error approaches I have used, there is one golf tip that has stuck. And I consider it the greatest golf tip ever! Continue reading