Accepting Poor Golf Shots

I was going to write a long diatribe about poor golf shots and how frustrating they are, but I decided to let Dustin Johnson do the speaking today.

I know that each of us can find specific holes to Johnson’s logic, but if we look at the big picture than It looks pretty sound. I learned this lesson many times over the years and can honestly say that I accept most (emphasis on most) poor golf shots. My emotional lows are curbed and I do play better golf when I accept my mistakes. I think you will as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Accepting Poor Golf Shots

  1. I’m doing a lot more accepting this week than last week. But golf is full of ups and downs. I was under par most of last week because my putter and wedges were hot. I had distance, spin, direction all dialed in. This week I don’t. Instead of dropping putt’s they lip out. Instead of chipping to 3 feet, I chip to 6. Even not bad shots can feel a let down after a really good week. Be we can’t look backwards and move forwards or we’ll fall on our faces or get ourselves eaten by one of those gators or something. If you can’t accept a bad shot, you can’t get past it. If you can’t except a round or two of mediocre golf you probably aren’t ever going to see a stellar round. You accept what you have to and move on. The better you do that, the better your chance at good things coming your way.

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  2. It is important that you accept the good shots and the bad shots, they happen to everyone, including better golfers. We have no trouble accepting a lucky bounce, so why not accept the bad bounces and swings as well, they are as much a part of the game.

    As in life, embrace the good and bad as it comes. In golf, if you expect every shot to go as planned, you are going to be disappointed. Adversity builds character.

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    • Lorne,

      Balance is the key. Your are right that both good and poor shots are al part of the game. It is definitely one sided with respect to accepting results of a gold shot. Maturity as a player does help temper the differences between the two.

      Cheers Jim


  3. Bad shots, not a shot that you expected? All golfers have to live with miss cued shots.
    I run a Wednesday golf league with about 35 players. Handicaps run from 5 to 32. During the playoffs in the fall we play match play only. What’s nice about match play is if you have a bad hole, you shake it off and go to the next hole.
    The higher handicap players get a chance to redeem themselves. It also gives the players a chance to play with players of their own abilities.

    At the end of season dinner, regardless of where you finished in the playoffs you
    receive some kind of award. The reason for this is not to single out the better player. Everyone is equal in our league.


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