How To Shut Out White Noise On The Golf Course…..The Easy Way

Every golfer has battled against white noise when on the links. You know, those intrusive thoughts, sounds or actions of the normal happenings when playing. In some cases, when the pressure is turned up, the white noise is a massive distraction. It becomes so invasive that I have a challenge staying focused enough to make a stroke. White noise is a score killer, but than goodness I have developed a sure fire way to eliminate these distractions in one easy step. As a result, my scores are consistently lower and have helped me elevate my play to new levels. Interested? Well then, read on!

Most players think that white noise only deals with swing mechanics. Of course, this is not true because white noise is really any distraction that takes a player out of their normal game. There really is no limitation to what can steal our focus and it happens repeatedly. The trick for most players is to develop a process that allows them to mentally beat back the negativity and just play golf. Luckily, I have a process that works for me flawlessly; it does not mean I always hit a great shot, but at least the white noise is not leaching my mental energy.

How do I do this you may ask? It is very simple – Follow My Preshot Routine…..Always! My pre-shot routine has been developed over years of competitive golf. I have gone through many iterations have settled on the one I use today. After much trial and error, my pre-shot routine accounts for all white noise and signals to my body that a specific golf shot is being made. Following my pre-shot routine is the primary key to consistently shooting lower golf scores regardless of the white noise around me.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


3 thoughts on “How To Shut Out White Noise On The Golf Course…..The Easy Way

  1. Personally, I don’t find white noise distracting me, likely from more than 40 years of refereeing hockey. I learned to focus despite crowd noise.

    I have observed that many players are overly sensitive to even the slightest sound. The strange thing is that on the range, they are fine despite the noise made by other golfers.

    I have also noticed that the longer your pre shot routine, the greater the problem tends to be. There are always going to be distractions and focusing through them can help. Tighten up your routine and focus is my only advice.

    Maybe get your friends to talk while you are swinging occasionally. Get used to a little noise and it should help desensitize you.

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    • Lorne,

      Your advice is interesting. I am not sure many people will take your advice to have their friends chat while swinging. I know that would throw me off because during any match, it is usually very quiet when I am hitting. The internal noise is the challenge for me.

      Cheers Jim


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