Remembering A Great Day On The Golf Course

Most days on the links are awesome! I love walking the course enjoying the ambiance of nature in a well manicured area. Of course, the beauty of each hole offers something different, but that is really secondary some days to the experience of golfing with friends and sometimes strangers. It is those days that help pass the long winters nap my golf game is taking and today is one of those days!

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Committing to Your Golf Shot

As amateur golfers, we face many obstacles to playing good golf. I am sure their is an endless list of areas of our game that need improvement. For years, I have worked at my list and figured out that I could have quickly eliminated that I could have made faster progress by following one basic tenant to playing golf. It is something difficult accomplish, but provides that ‘ah ha’ moment once completed.

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Putting With The Flag In….or Not!

Of course one of the new rule changes is being able to putt with the pin in. Bryson DeChambeau ‘scientifically prove’ that there is a benefit and as such was the first pro to consistently leave the pin while on the green. I decided to test this new approach early in my season and have concluded that it may not be for everyone; especially me; sort of; well, kind of actually!

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Swing Challenges When I Forget Just One Thing

The golf swing is a complex and has many moving parts. When the slightest thing goes wrong, disaster can ensue. I know this because after thousands of swings, I have made my share of clumsy, awkward, unimpressive attempts to hit the little white golf ball. It is amazing that by forgetting one aspect of my golf swing, I will fight with my stroke all day long. It can be very frustrating and sometimes hard to rectify. Continue reading

Setting Up Your Shot Before Your Pre-Shot Routine

The title seems odd, but before you start your pre-shot routine all your actions affect your shot. I believe that all my actions on the golf course have a direct impact on my game. There is a laundry list of things that will help, but the last thing I want to do is fill your head with white noise. However, there are a few actions I consistently perform to ensure that I am in proper frame of mind to make any shot. Continue reading