Remembering A Great Day On The Golf Course

Most days on the links are awesome! I love walking the course enjoying the ambiance of nature in a well manicured area. Of course, the beauty of each hole offers something different, but that is really secondary some days to the experience of golfing with friends and sometimes strangers. It is those days that help pass the long winters nap my golf game is taking and today is one of those days!

My round started of in very typical fashion. I met Rick and Blair in the parking lot and after the exchange of pleasantries, we headed for the first tee. I generally get there a bit earlier so I can chip and putt, but alas it did not happen that day. It was a typical start of 0645 hours and everything seemed to be shaping up to be a typical round. That is until after my first hit, a shot was fired across my bow! The heckling started early that day and was a constant barrage of jokes and laughter.

As golfers, we keep our ribbing to very the course and the happenings of the day. For some reason, Rick and Blair decided I was to be the target for the entire round and they were relentless. Blair is very straightforward and is generally the lead man; Rick is drier and more subtle, but just as deadly. They heckled my shots, bounces, lie, stroke, clothes and lastly my score. It seems as if it was a concerted effort to mentally throw me off my game.

Of course I have to say that everything was said in fun. We have a fantastic group and we have been great friends for years. So, nothing is taken to heart. As I reminisce back at that day, I think how my great friend Kirk would have been a great fit as the fourth player. He would have fit in perfectly!

Back to the day. As we finished the front nine, I rounded the turn sitting at a one over 37. Considering the banter and constant sound of white noise, I was surprised to have scored so well. I had 2 bogies, 1 birdie and 6 pars. A very solid round for sure.

The back nine was no different. The on-slot continue and yet I still played very well. Finishing with a 2 over par 37 (3 bogies, 1 birdie and 5 pars) I walked off the back very satisfied with my overall score of 74.

Besides the laughing and cajoling that happened, I played won of my better rounds of the year. As I think about the entire round, I realize that their constant banter kept my out of my own head, yet focused on playing each shot as needed. It is definitely a positive takeaway from the round and something I will have to consider moving forward.

Regardless of the teaching moment, I still smile at the fun experience I had that day. Now, just in case Rick and Blair are reading this, I would not want a round like that all the time 😉 once in a while is okay.

Do you have a memorable round from 2019? What made it memorable?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Remembering A Great Day On The Golf Course

  1. HI Jim,
    had a good round on Saturday, got my name on a trophy as a winner, Did not think I had scored so well as the howling wind was relentless, but surprise I was announced the winner in the clubhouse. There is hope for me yet.

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