Just a Quick Reminder About Golf Contests on Social Media

Well, it is that time of year that I start entering the plethora of Golf Giveaway Contests. As companies, new and old, try to generated more interest and income through their (like, tag, and retweet) style of sales, I find that I like some contests more than others. It really has nothing to do with the prizes (somewhat) but more as to how the contest is conducted. Let me explain!

The ‘like, tag, and retweet’ format is a standard process and for the most part I have accepted this as the norm. However, the difference between a poor contest and a great contest are based in four areas:

  • Short versus Long Contest. I will enter a contest, however if the companies run a contest for a several weeks or longer – I am not really interested. I do not care what the prize is because in the fast paced, overwhelming, in your face tidal wave of social media feeds, long contests are drowned out and become ineffective. A contest that is run for 24 hours to no more than a week are best in my opinion.
  • The Size of The Prize. Prizes range anywhere a water bottle to a set of clubs. Obviously we all want to win something big, but some of my best prizes were small. I have won a toques, towels ball mark repair tools, golf balls, and golf shirts. These are great prizes because they are something I use every day while playing. Golf specific prizes are my favourites.
  • Not announcing the Winner! This is a turn off for me. I think that if you are going to run a contest, please take the time to write who won. If I do not see anything (and sometimes I go check) about a winner, I will assume that the organization running the contest did not really make a draw and the ‘contest’ was click bate. If they are going to take the time to write up a post offering a prize, they should take the time declare a winner and tell everyone.
  • Not Sending The Prize. Personally, this has happened only once to me over the years. It was a very small prize, (a Masters tumbler), but the point was they contacted me told me I won. Alas no tumbler arrived. Additionally, a few friends have won prizes and nothing was initially sent. After much discussion and excuses with the company, my friend received their prize (no name shaming on purpose). This tells me that the company in question has terrible customer service and I will avoid buying anything from the in the future.

This is the season of golf contests. I will be entering many and hopefully, I will walk away with some prizes. I generally win at least once over the course of the year. It is great fun and I try to share the contests through my Facebook page or Twitter feed. You can click on the links embedded in the sentence before or check things out on the right side menu. Come join the fun. If are interested in winning prizes, I suggest you follow one or all of them today. Each offers something different. Who knows, you might just be a lucky winner this year!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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