Just a Quick Reminder About Golf Contests on Social Media

Well, it is that time of year that I start entering the plethora of Golf Giveaway Contests. As companies, new and old, try to generated more interest and income through their (like, tag, and retweet) style of sales, I find that I like some contests more than others. It really has nothing to do with the prizes (somewhat) but more as to how the contest is conducted. Let me explain!

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The 2016 Review of The Grateful Golfer

Grateful GolferThanks to everyone who read, commented or contributed to The Grateful Golfer in 2016. It is because of you, The Grateful Golfer exceeded expectations on all levels. At the beginning of 2016, I was hoping to grow a bit and the results would consider that thought an understatement of the year. But growing in pure numbers is not the only bench mark at The Grateful Golfer. I enjoy the interaction with everyone and hope that it continuous to grow in 2017. Continue reading

Ghana Golf

Recently, through the magic of social media and blogging, I came across Tom Kennedy. His CV is quite long and extensive, but what peaked my interest is new position as the Director of Golf for Ghana!  Recently taking over, he is faced with many challenges. These challenges are things that we western golfers take for granted:  good golf courses, accessibility, many media outlets, etc.  This has not deterred Tom, but only inspired him to bring golf to Ghana.


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He has set up all the social media sites, but still has challenges with exposure of the game of golf in Ghana. A recent interview with Tom outlined his focus in the right area:

IM – Will you be responsible for promoting youth golf?

TK – Absolutely! It’s vital to start playing golf at a young age. Right from the beginning, I’ll be developing grass-roots golf with all of my energy and enthusiasm by introducing Junior Golf Programmes at all of the Golf Clubs. I understand that there is a large, secondary school overlooking the golf course at Achimota GC, where I will be based – no better place to begin prospecting for future golf talent than right there! Achimota is regarded as Ghana’s best course. There’s a strong Irish presence and influence due to Tullow Oil having an operation close by.

Focusing on the juniors is a way to build a strong foundation for future golfers.  It will take longer, but building from the ground floor up will develop a sustainable and viable program for years to come!

This is the first of several blogs I intend to dedicate to the development of golf in Ghana. I cannot think of a better way to help others enjoy the game that provides so much.  Stay tuned for future updates and possible ways for you to help.

I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links!