The 2016 Review of The Grateful Golfer

Grateful GolferThanks to everyone who read, commented or contributed to The Grateful Golfer in 2016. It is because of you, The Grateful Golfer exceeded expectations on all levels. At the beginning of 2016, I was hoping to grow a bit and the results would consider that thought an understatement of the year. But growing in pure numbers is not the only bench mark at The Grateful Golfer. I enjoy the interaction with everyone and hope that it continuous to grow in 2017.

Last year, my stats doubled in most categories. However, I do not really judge the success of The Grateful Golfer by pure numbers. If that was the case everything would have been stellar. As an overview:

  • 70,000+ views;
  • 47,500+ visitors;
  • 358 articles written;
  • 1.48 clicks per visit; and
  • An increase of over 1000 followers across all the social media platforms.

In the big scheme of things, I hope to continue doubling my numbers in 2017 and so far so good (after 3 days  😉 ). That tells me that I am hitting the right topics and writing about golf issues that people want to hear. As I continue to examine the numbers, I see other trends that are more important to me.

There was an increase of interaction among the followers. People are asking more questions, using the material, trying the tips and drills and adding content to The Grateful Golfer. This is the real value of my golf blog. For this I am definitely grateful.

The grateful golfer is about the connections. It seems that no matter where or when, The Grateful Golfer is connecting players all over the world. I routinely talk to golfers in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK about all things golf. I am grateful that these players took the time to talk golf and provide their insights on how to improve our games.

I am grateful for the support. As most of you can attest, staying focused on playing our game to the best of our ability and writing an article almost everyday is a challenge. Thanks to many of the readers who reach out and provide the positive support needed to make The Grateful Golfer a success. I will make a special mention to my wife who is the behind the scenes supporter, editor, adviser and sounding board that helps me follow my passion!

Well that is it for another year. Thanks for stopping by and giving The Grateful Golfer a read. I look forward to what you have to say in 2017!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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