Last Minute Father’s Day Golf Gift

Sunday is Father’s Day! I bet some of you are scrambling trying to thing of what to get someone for Father’s Day. Well, as a golfer who loves any gift from his daughter, I have learned over the years to gently guide my daughter what to buy. It is not that I am a golf gift snob, but it is important that if I am receiving a golf gift it fit into my game. For the longest time, I asked for a specific type of golf balls and that was always a great choice, but not we have agreed that calling me on Father’s Day was the best gift I could ask for; however, others still like to get a present and I have a few suggestions.

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What Is On Your Christmas List?

With just under 3 weeks to go before Christmas, many people are feverously scrambling to buy the perfect gift for that someone special. This was a very stressful time for me and my family in the past because picking out a gift for someone, especially golf stuff to a non-golfer, can be challenging. Well, our gift giving process has changed dramatically over the years and now we have fairly stress free approach that suits everyone in my family.

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Just a Quick Reminder About Golf Contests on Social Media

Well, it is that time of year that I start entering the plethora of Golf Giveaway Contests. As companies, new and old, try to generated more interest and income through their (like, tag, and retweet) style of sales, I find that I like some contests more than others. It really has nothing to do with the prizes (somewhat) but more as to how the contest is conducted. Let me explain!

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It is December First – You Know What That Means!

With only 24 days to go, most golfers have a gift list longer than their driver. There never seems to be a shortage of new gimmicks, training aids and solid must have items. It is a wonderland paradise that sets most golfers dreaming of golf balls in their heads. Today is the day that I start to make a very small list of golf equipment for my loved ones. That way, the pressure to find that perfect golf gift is off them and me. What an exciting time of year!!!

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Iron Covers – Yes or No?

Who would have thought that a simple question about iron covers would spark such and interesting conversation. In the past, I have advocated the use of the iron covers, but have slowly edged away from their use. Mostly because, I would wear them out or lose one. They generally lasted one season and then it was time for a new set. I always thought that they made a great Christmas gift, but apparently I was breaking the cool rule for golfers! Continue reading