Just a Quick Reminder About Golf Contests on Social Media

Well, it is that time of year that I start entering the plethora of Golf Giveaway Contests. As companies, new and old, try to generated more interest and income through their (like, tag, and retweet) style of sales, I find that I like some contests more than others. It really has nothing to do with the prizes (somewhat) but more as to how the contest is conducted. Let me explain!

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It is December First – You Know What That Means!

With only 24 days to go, most golfers have a gift list longer than their driver. There never seems to be a shortage of new gimmicks, training aids and solid must have items. It is a wonderland paradise that sets most golfers dreaming of golf balls in their heads. Today is the day that I start to make a very small list of golf equipment for my loved ones. That way, the pressure to find that perfect golf gift is off them and me. What an exciting time of year!!!

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Iron Covers – Yes or No?

Who would have thought that a simple question about iron covers would spark such and interesting conversation. In the past, I have advocated the use of the iron covers, but have slowly edged away from their use. Mostly because, I would wear them out or lose one. They generally lasted one season and then it was time for a new set. I always thought that they made a great Christmas gift, but apparently I was breaking the cool rule for golfers! Continue reading

All I Want for Christmas….

With only 2 weeks until Christmas, many people are frantically running around to find that special something for the special people in their lives. This stressful aspect of the holidays can be fun for some and a source of pure dread for others. Personally, my wife and I solved this nut years ago and the next two weeks are going be spent hanging out and enjoying the beauty that mother nature has to offer.

As a golfer, receiving golf gifts is an almost certainty. The real challenge for most not golfers is to purchase that unique golf related gift that brings joy and happiness to the receiver. Unfortunately, if you are not a golfer, selecting the ‘right’ gift is extremely difficult. So, I have devised the perfect plan to help you on your way! Continue reading

An Awesome Gift from “Golf is Mental”

Have you ever been away on a trip and arrive home to find a special gift in the mail? Have you ever received a much welcomed gift unexpectantly? Well, that is what happened when I returned home after being away for 9 days on a work/golf trip!

A while back, Josh from Golf is Mental, whose “simple insights into a complicated game” are definitely worth the read, ran a contest for new subscribers and loyal readers of his outstanding golf blog. He was giving away a dozen Pro V1 golf balls in each category.

As a loyal reader for quite some time, I immediately signed up. With no expectation of winning; I thought I would support my e-community of golfing fans and pass the word around. Fortunately for me, Josh selected my name and let me know that the treasure was in the mail.

While away for the past 9 days, I focused on playing in Ontario Regional Golf Tournament and zoned out of the happenings back at the homestead. As my darling wife and I arrrived home, we stopped to check the mail and ‘surprise’ my gift had arrived.


A gift from Josh at ‘Golf is Mental”

Talk about brightening someone’s day! This surprise gift definitely lifted my spirits! Josh, thank you very much for the wonderful gift. I hope that someday we can play a round of golf and I can share the memories of how your generosity helped me break par!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!